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Classroom Risk Audit

No description

Kim McSorley

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Classroom Risk Audit

Classroom Risk Audit Duty to Supervise Duty to Properly Instruct Others on Issues of Safety Duty to Maintain a Hazard Free Envrionment I teach students in groups of 2-3 students for 30 minute blocks. My workspace consists of a corner in a classroom I have left my students unsupervised once or twice to run to the copy room. They are not completly unsupervised as there are two other adults in the classroom with me.
Escorting students to AND from my classroom. Chair Etiquette
Evacuation Procedures Properly store cleaning solutions Chair Etiquette
Creative Storage
Cleaning Solutions
Evacuation Procedures Duty to Warn Others of Known Hazards or risks
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