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Wind Direction

No description

Amber Holbrook

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Wind Direction

Types of Wind
What is Wind? The windsock is a light weight cone that is mounted in something; it shows the wind direction. *Strange Wind Tools You can use your finger as a wind direction tool. Just get your finger wet and hold it in the air, and the side that is cold is the way the wind is moving from. Wind is simply moving
air! *Windsock
*Wind Vane The wind vane is a device attached
to something else that is elevated; it rotates to show the direction
of the wind. What Causes Wind? Wind is caused by the air flowing from low and high pressure. Step 6 6a) The weather observations will show which days will be windy, and which direction the wind is coming from. 6b) This helps in predicting the weather because of air masses interaction, and the pattern that the wind moves in. 6c) Something that could affect the accuracy of the weather data is the surroundings of where data is being taken. The End!
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