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My life

No description

be breezy

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of My life

My life
By: Breon Kinnie

I like to read....?
My Family
I have a house hold of three including me. I have my mom and my little brother. My little brother is only 13.His name is Timon and he's not much different from as far as character and looks. His only problem that might be different from me is his attitude. Timon is very out going, funny , respectful , and very smart for his age. Of course we fight like cats and dogs but we love each other to death. Me and Timon pretty much play the same exact sports basketball is our main sport but we both play football and baseball as well. Timon is left handed like me too. Timon is a sports fanatic and his favorite player in basketball is Kobe Bryant and his team is the Los Angles Lakers , makes since i guess. I try to be the best leader and positive example for him because i know he looks up to me but yet he pretends like he doesn't which only makes me want to work harder so i can be something for him to actually look up, we honestly want whats best in each other and we're so competitive towards each other that its kind of the only way we can show each other how much we love each other and how much we really care.
Important to Me !
My Crib
My Timeline

Day 1
August 15th 1997 - I was born in Park View hospital around 6 in the morning i weighed 8 lbs and 5 ounces
Significant Moment
April 3rd , 2001 Timon Kinnie was born my little brother my only little brother was born at Park View hospital . This moment was also an amazing experience for me because i was no longer the only boy in the house i now had a mini me !
Toddler Years

As a toddler i attended my older cousins day care i was a very active and hyper kid. I never had behavioral problems i wasn't to shy and shady around other kids and i played with everyone. I had just missed the birthday deadline to enter preschool so i had to wait another year just to attend any school.
In preschool I attended Martin Luther King preschool ( MLK) at MLK my aunt was a teacher and my first year there .With her being my teacher I never really struggled with anything as far behavior or grades she was always there to help me in class and eventually i graduated from Pre-K
Kindergarten & 1st Grade
After graduating from Pre-K i went to MLK elementary. At MLK elementary i didn't have my aunt with me so all the pressure was on me. Despite not being with her i had an excellent two school years at MLK elementary and met a teacher that completely loved me and I had loved her too her name was Ms.Auto
2nd & 3rd
After leaving MLK elementary i went to Hogland elementary school. To remind you Hogland went from Kindergarten all the way to 6th grade i only stayed at Hogland for two years because my family moved so i had to transfer over to Bloomingdale elementary
4th & 5th

New kid on the campus , i was certainly that at Bloomingdale , new peers , new teachers and a whole new principal. Being at Bloomingdale i had to make new friends and new bonds with everyone which came naturally to me. In 4th grade there were two 4th grade teachers Ms.Heart and Mr.Kottcamp out of the whole school and i knew i was going miss them and they admitted they were going to miss our entire body of 4th grade students as well. So my teacher for my 4th grade class was Ms.Heart i completed my 4th grade school year with her. Going into 5th grade i got a very pleasant surprise my 4th grade teacher also went up a grade and became my 5th grade teacher as well did the other 4th grade teacher Mr.Kottcamp . The only thing that was new for me was that i had became a member of Mr.Kottcamp class and i was no longer in class with Ms.Heart so i eventually finished my awesome last school year in elementary with Mr.Kottcamp . At the time of being in 5th grade a new president was being elected and that guy was Barack Obama. Mr.Kottcamp introduce me to the basics of how the government worked and gave me an basic understanding of how the election took place and i remember Mr.Kottcamp telling me that he was voting for Barack Obama himself
Middle School
6th grade year i went to my feed in which from Bloomingdale which was Lakeside a middle school with uniform great ! My 6th grade school year is where i had the behavioral problems i was a new kid and i felt like i needed to fit in so i followed all the wrong people and got into trouble trying to act like someone i wasn't so my mom knew it was time to get me to a new school and get me a fresh start so i transferred over to.....
Miami , i finished my middle school years at Miami and i felt like i was a whole new person once i transferred over there. I went into my 7th grade year with a sprained ankle and new people to meet but i didn't get into the habit of following the wrong people but i did follow some pretty good 8th graders that had set the perfect example for me. These guys were of course , Kye Black , Keion Powers , Deion Powers , Terrence Caldwell and Jamarr Patterson and these group of guys were in a program called MBK and i wanted to be like them so i too joined the program. Along the way of being in MBK i met the only guy that was ever willing to carry my lunch tray for me due to my injury. Me and this guy never spoke until the day he openly and willing carried my lunch tray around the lunch room this kid wasn't the best behaved kid himself but what ever he had in him it impacted me and himself because from that moment on me and Eldaer Magadon had made it through MBK and Middle together as the face of Miami. Both of our Middle school past was set behind us and we went on to be the best leaders we could be in 7th and 8th grade we were two transformed young men. We even ran the school store together and from that moment on we became batman and robin. We even planned on attending the same high school together.
High School
Freshman Year
Sophomore Year
Freshman year into to high school i was of course nervous and yet very curious on how high school was like specially being at New Tech. I know i had to make new friends , meet new teachers and face new challenges. I handle my freshman year well. I earned the key of respect i also met one of my short term goals and that was to make the basketball team and i did. Also i finished the school year with B-'s and above i built a relationship with a teacher named J Rob he basically help get me through my freshman year and i met some pretty cool kids such as Tre , Jennie , Colleen , Charlie and so many more these people help me get so far and conquer my freshman year along with my friends that came from Miami with me like Jaton , Sam , Joey and Eldaer they also helped me complete my school year. I also Failed my eca by 2 points which i planned on passing the next school year.
Sophomore year me and my friends got closer and our relationships got stronger but the challenges in class only got tougher. I personally had 3 ECA's to conquer which I knew was most important to me and i knew I had to pass at least 2 of my 3 test. So school was always priority number one my sophomore year. At the beginning the year unexpectedly I earned the key of respect for a second time it was given to me by another teacher. Like last year i had made the basketball team again so that was a few goals conquered by the middle of the school year. Now all I had to do was take down a couple of test. I did that i passed the two test that i needed to also
My Little Brother
My Mom
My mom is one of the strongest , toughest , courageous , dedicated and hard working single parent I know. My mom is very hard on me and my little brother. She make sure we get the grades were suppose to and behave the way we are suppose to. My mom is very sarcastic and I honestly think that's where I get my sarcasm from. She makes sure that me and my brother have everything we need plus more. She is honestly a soccer mom because it seem like all she does is drive me and my little brother around town for anything but she never complains. My mom is my mom and not my friend that is a little quote I learned from her herself. We still have a very close relationship and always will I feel like I can go to her for anything. My mom makes sure that I'm headed down the right path in life me and my brother both. So for everything that she does for me I feel like I must repay her I know you can never repay your parent but ill do what ever I can to make her proud because thats all she has ever done in my life
My brothers keeper is a mentoring program that I've been since the 7th grade and it has changed me so much and impacted my life so much that it makes me want to give to others like the program has gave to me. Me and Eldaer have became two complete different people but yet managed to be brothers during the changing process me and him have evolved into leaders in our on ways. Without all my brothers in this program I will honestly say I wouldn't be the person I am without the impact that they made on me. Now i feel like its my turn to impact not just one person but any every person I can. MBK has seen the potential in me and help me recognize who I really am so that I can be the leader that I was born and raised to be.
Basketball has been most important to me since I was a young child although I feel as if I was never a successful athlete until high school. My story , well my parents never really entered me into sports so really any sport that I've ever played in I have practically signed myself or got myself into. So l I didn't play organized basketball for any league or school team until I was in the 8th grade. Very late start. In 6th grade my behavior wasn't good so I was ineligible to play at Lakeside middle school. So at Miami I couldn't play my 7th grade year due to my injury and finally my time had came to where I could make the team and play so once I made the team i might as well have not even played because I hardly ever got in so it was pointless. Going into freshman year basically over the summer is where i had to grit and dig deep so I was sure to be on the high school team and play all it took was hard work. So as the school year came to be I entered freshman year at six even. The freshman coach wouldn't turn down my skill level and my height to go along with it so since freshman year i have been on Wayne's basketball team playing at every level so far.
My House
My house is very calm and more of a relaxing place. We don't have any televisions in our house except for in our bed rooms. In my bedroom its decorated with pictures and frames of me I have one sticker on my wall its a Wayne high school logo and I have a queen size bed with a decent size flat screen. I have my game system in my room. Most importantly I have a walk in closet. Its by far my favorite feature in my bed room.
Everyday I get to school and back home from the bus. Some days I might ride with a friend but i usually ride the bus.On the bus I past a lot in my community but some highlights are that I pay attention to is Elmhurst high school because its the school that i would have to go if it was still open. Right by that school is the bus transportation center and on my way to Wayne once I get close to my school I pass my old middle school so i have a lot to look at on my way to school
Who Am I
Who am I ?
I am the guy that likes to be dedicated
Who am I ?
I am the guy that will remain educated
Who am I ?
I am the guy that is uplifting
Who am I ?
I am the guy that wants to be remembered when I'm not existing
Who am I ?
I am the guy that likes to be ecstatic
Who am I ?
I am a guy that is a sports fanatic
Who am I ?
I am a guy that wants to be a leaders
Who am I ?
I am a guy that will be successful because i am a believer

That's who I am by : Breon Kinnie

More about me
I like to surround myself with people that want to be better with them self. I like to be around people that push me hard and make me work harder. I think people like my humor and my sarcasm a lot but yet they do notice that even though i can be funny i still manage to get my work done without being a distraction or at least distracting anyone that gives me attention.
My hat
I feel that i predominantly wear the yellow thinking hat because i try look at the positive things in every situation and i always try to maintain a bright and positive attitude within my group so that it best benefits the team
Over the summer i read " The Jungle" by : Sinclair. I mainly chose the book based off the section of wars and revolutions I wanted to study. So in Industrial Revolution this is where i found the book and I decided to research a little preview of what the book was about and from that point on i began to read the book. The Jungle kept me engaged and had me feeling like I needed to read more so that's what I did and as the summer progressed so did my love for the book.
Article 1
In this article I want to direct this to Jurgis because the article compares the three different revolutions over time to each other. But they mainly compare the Industrial revolution to the Tech revolution and I would pose a question to Jurgis on how he felt about comparing the labor of U.S citizens now to the labor of U.S citizens then without the rights that we now have in this country. I wonder how Jurgis would feel if his family were to work in the Tech revolution compared to when they did work in the industrial revolution.
Article 2
In this article it almost seems as if we should happy that the industrial revolution took place in the first place because its what developed the Tech revolution. I think Jurgis and the author point of The Jungle was so that the audience would have a clear understanding on what happened during the time of the industrial revolution and how events took place. So i feel like Jurgis would feel like this article contradicts the purpose of the industrial revolution and how the book shows the audience how the industrial revolution has affected the modern day society.
Article 3
I pose one question to Jurgis and its based off this article. Have you ever thought about how the industrial revolution is affecting not just people and not just someones lucrative but how it affected the earths ecology. Jurgis was caught up in the fact that his family was suffering but I think he never came to to the conclusion that the earth was literally suffering from all the industries that were being built and all the machinery that was being made.
Article 4
Article 5
This article actually is true because it impacted Jurgis and his family to where Jurgis ended up joining a group of people that weren't afraid to voice their opinions and express their feeling toward the government so I feel like Jurgis would strongly agree with this Article because people don't realize how much the politics basically worked with industrial revolution and some what encouraged it to continue. Just like in the book.
In this document on the child labor section I feel that Jurgis wouldn't have let his younger family members work but situations ended up happening to where someone else had to step up such as the younger children. So i was curious if the child labor law was in place how would the family have been able to afford their expenses . Without the children working , I think the law not being enforced then really helped out Jurgis and his family
My Family Line
My Dad
According to my father , he does not have his mother nor his father last name the last name Kinnie is my dads mom ex husband last name so my dad basically has his ex-step dad last name which him and his other siblings my aunts and uncles have also as well. So from that point on the Kinnie last name has been past down to me and my brothers and sisters and the last name has been around for quite some while.
My Mom
My mom got her last name from her Mother which has been around for quite some time but my mom last name is Dance. As weird as it sounds it dates back to the early 1900's and the last name has been in America for majority of the time but apparently it has found its way all the way down to my mom but gladly to say it didn't not get passed down to me because Breon Dance would not go at all .
My Genre
I mainly read comics for the most part. Comic books are what keeps me interested. I read Naurto a lot and Dragon Ball Z , those comics are so action packed and I like my books how I like my movies they must have a lot excitement and eye grabbing chapters and scene. When reading comics I look for action I want to be fascinated by all the action whether its a fighting scene or if its a scene with back and forth communication.
My Goals
Over the next ten years I plan on working at Raytheon and being in one of the top positions there as a worker. Kind of like a CEO after finishing a four year time at Purdue University. To reach the simple goal of getting to Purdue is I just have to maintain good grades and have a good G.P.A I must have no behavioral problems and most importantly I need a good S.A.T test score. Then from college I will have to Graduate from Purdue after attending there for 4 years or more. As a CEO at Raytheon in Fort Wayne I feel like I would have to live near the company so for sure I would still be living in Fort Wayne. I plan on having a family of three with two boys and I want to be married. So when I'm about 27 I want a family of three and I want to be a CEO that is happily married
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