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No description

Laura Turner

on 20 April 2014

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Transcript of Psychology

What skills do you need?
What will you study in year 12?
Unit 1

Cognitive Psychology:
How does memory work? Why do we forget? How accurate is memory? How can we improve recall?

What will you study in year 13?
Where can
A level Psychology take you?
Clinical Psychology
Counselling Psychology
Educational Psychology
Forensic Psychology
Health Psychology
Teaching and Research in Psychology
Occupational Psychology
Sport & Exercise Psychology

What is Psychology?
The study of the human mind, it’s functions and how it affects behaviour.

Unit 2

What is it? How does it affect our body? How can we deal with it?

Eyewitness Testimony
Two Units
Aim: To develop an awareness of the
Psychology A - level .

explore what Psychology involves
describe some of the topics covered
detail the skills you need
demonstrate where Psychology can take you
Fact or Fib
Psychologists can read people's minds
Psychology is a Science
Psychology is the fourth most popular A level choice
Put your left thumb on your right ear

Put your hands on your hips

Take one foot off the floor

Put your hands on your head

Sit down

Put your right palm on another person’s right palm

Put your right hand on your left elbow

Please stand behind your chair

Why did you obey?
Research Methods -
How do we conduct experiments?
What are the ethical considerations?
Developmental Psychology:
How do we form attachments? What happens when children are deprived from their parents?
Find a partner.
Take it in turns to count backwards in twos from 50...
ocial Influence:
Why do people conform? Why do they obey? How can we influence people? How can we resist being influenced?
What is "abnormality"? What causes mental illness? Therapies?
30 seconds!
What are the causes? Biological, Social, Evolutionary explanations.
Eating Behaviour:

What influence our food preferences? Why do diets fail? What causes eating disorders?
Unit 3

What makes us attracted to others? Why do relationships end? Cultural differences.
Unit 4

Psychopathology - Schizophrenia
How is it diagnosed? What is the cause? How is it treated?
Psychology in Action - Media
What are the effects on pro & anti social behaviour? What are the consequences of intense fandom?

Research Methods
Builds on AS Research Methods
A - levels
Psychology Degree
Approved by the BPS
Postgraduate Qualification
Masters / PhD etc
Qualified Psychologist
15 - 20% of Psychology graduates do...
What else ?
1/3rd - go into the
public service

E.g: Health Service, Education/Teaching, Civil Service & Armed Forces.

1/3rd - go into
industry or commerce

E.g: market research, personnel management, food and drink & pharmaceutical industries.

The remainder have a
wide variety
of careers
Communication skills
Work independently & in groups
Ability to listen

Maths is involved...

Assessment is

Not an easy subject

But if you're interested in understanding thoughts and behaviour you'll enjoy it.

Think critically and justify opinions

Evaluate theories / research

Apply them to novel situations
- shares common themes
– links with stress & abnormality
– writing skills are important

any subject combination
is acceptable

English and
Maths skills
Willing to participate in discussions & debates
Other subjects
Any Questions?
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