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06.05 How Do I Maximize My Resources

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Kayla Gomez

on 31 August 2013

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Transcript of 06.05 How Do I Maximize My Resources

06.05 How Do I Maximize My Resources
Women's Suffrage

Assignment 06.05: How Do I Maximize My Resources?

Complete all tasks and readings outlined in the lesson.
Read all the directions for the assignment.
Option 1: Women's Suffrage in the 21st Century
For this option you will use Web 2.0 tools to create a multimedia campaign ad in support of women's suffrage. Put yourself in the place of a 19th century suffragette to create your ad. Your ad should clearly state your position and at least one reason why you think women should have the right to vote. You may need to do some outside research to learn more about these reasons.

A good resource is The Fight for Women's Suffrage Keep in mind that a multimedia project includes the use of a combination of images and sound. You also need to properly cite the sources where you found the resources you use.

View the Option 1 Grading Rubric before completing and submitting the assessment.

A Women's Right to Vote
On Election Day in 1920 women across America decided to speak up about their right to vote, which was the first, time this over to vote. Women struggled to have their voices heard, they campaigned throughout the country to constantly be turned down and rejected. Finally August 26, 1920 changes were made the 19th amendment to the constitution was ratified. After that woman from any race, color, and sex could vote no matter what. That declared that women were considered in society by men deserve all the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.
A Reason Why I Think Women Should Vote
• A Women's Right to Vote

• A woman’s should have the right to vote because women are equal to men. Women during that time were treated as if they were beneath men because they weren't as handy or capable of doing things like the men could. To me the only things that women can't do compared to men would be doing handy things like construction. Besides that women are perfectly capable doing anything that a man could do from work, school, and business. A woman could be that extra hand that a man could need. This gave women a voice and it was finally heard after 100 years. It is good to see that women didn't give up and it shows today because women in society can do anything that a man could. I can relate to this because of the time that I have grown up I can see that women are powerful, influential, and capable of doing anything that a man could. I now that I can be anything that I want to be and accomplish it at my best ability.

Women Today
Women today can now vote and it is because of the women’s suffrage. On August 26, 1920 it declared the day of a women's right to vote. In 2013 women can now do anything that they are willing and capable of doing thanks to the Women's Suffrage.
Pro Suffrage
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