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Classroom Expectations 2012-2013

7th Grade Science Expectations and Procedures

Erika Persaud

on 8 August 2017

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Transcript of Classroom Expectations 2012-2013

Welcome to
Ms. Persaud's
8th grade Science Class!!

A little about me...
-I love being a teacher..It's my 4th year!
-I love my students
-I love my puppy, Walter
-I love my family
-This is my 2nd year at Page Middle School!!
Welcome to Science!
Come on in...
*Line up outside door
*Shake hands & say hello
*Have supplies

*If you are tardy= -10 pts
Be friendly: shake hands
and give a greeting
Ex. Good morning Ms. Persaud :)
*Be seated and start warm-up immediately
(or you will be TARDY).
2 Tardies= Lunch detention
Supplier: Check Table Supplies
Begin immediately
Time: You have 3 minutes..get busy!
Grade: 5 stamps=100%
How do I get your attention??
Eyes up... ...Pencils down!

Class... ...Yess!

Can I get ya? Whoop Whoop

What is our Class like?
Class Rules
1. Come to class prepared with homework completed

2.No talking when another student or I am giving instruction

3.Be respectful in all situations
4. Do not interrupt (talk, laugh,
or pass materials) while others are answering a question or working

5. Actively participate in class discussions,
independent work, and group work
1. Verbal warning
2. Loss of 15 -30 seconds in passing period
3. Lunch Detention
3. Move seat/Room change (Call home)
6. Office referral
Lab Rules
Lab rules are extremely important!!

We are learning about them this week :)
What do you expect of me?

What do I expect of you?
Be smart!
Be Safe !!
Can't follow directions=Book Work
End of Class!!
Every one knows their job
Complete all your jobs!
I will dismiss by "cleanest
quietest tables
Clean tables
Organize supplies
No trash
Potty Time??
We missed you board
Ask your table members
copy notes
Nope, sorry.
school policy
Posted Tuesday
Shh...when to be quiet??
When I am speaking to the class
A peer is speaking
Office Speaker
Phone call
Visitors or Guests in the room:
Continue working as normal
Be polite
Show them what you know!!!
Any Questions??

Do Later: After we have finished our lesson and
completed our daily logs. Each student will complete
a do later exit ticket.

Need a pencil???
I am not Walmart!
Get with the collateral
collector and borrow one
After you get your
1. Get your HMWK out
2. Check Today's Agenda
3. Help Table Members
Don't need to go...
get a free 100 x2
When I have a question??
before me!!
Always write in complete
** use the sentence stems!
Science Language vs Friend Language
Answer verbally in complete sentences
If you don't
use it; you lose it!

Speak Science
Short Class
You will have homework weekly,
these are short assignments to
improve practice and prep you for
high school
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