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Types of Evidence: Argument

No description

Jacqueline Arredondo

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Types of Evidence: Argument

Types of Evidence: Argument
First Hand Evidence:
Personal Experience

*Adds a human element
*Appeal to pathos
*Makes the abstract more human and concrete
*Alone it won’t be persuasive, but if you add
other elements it would be better

First Hand Evidence: Anecdotes

*Generally about other people
*Observations about other people
*Provides a human face to the argument

First Hand Evidence:
Current Events

*It is considered first hand evidence because
you observe it while it happens
(Contrast this with historical information)

Exit Slip
Describe one piece of first hand evidence and one piece of second hand evidence you know about
Mrs. Wooding.
First Hand Evidence
*Refers to evidence that you know
from first hand experience.

Second Hand Evidence
*It is when a person has learned
from another person and has
not seen or heard it themselves.

Second Hand Evidence:
Historical Evidence

*Verifiable facts that a writer knows from research.
*Can provide background
*Helps establish ethos
*Make sure that you don’t misrepresent the facts
*Can be used to make a comparison

Second Hand Evidence:
Expert Opinion
*Adds credibility to your argument
*If you have the same opinion,
it is strengthened by an expert.

Second Hand Evidence:
Quantitative Evidence
Census Information
Objective: Students will define the two types of evidence that is used in an argument.
#5: CN: Types of Evidence
Points Possible: 25
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