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Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD)

No description

Shatha Joma

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD)

ERD is a data modeling technique that graphically illustrates an information system’s entities and the relationships between those entities. An ERD is a conceptual and representational model of data used to represent the entity framework infrastructure..
Definition Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD)?
Why are entity relationship diagrams used?

Entity Relationship (ER) diagrams are drawn when designing a database system.
Data modelers create ER diagrams in order to fully understand and describe data before it is developed into a physical database.

Entity Relationship Diagram Components (Notations):
Entity Relation diagram (ERD) include three modeling objects:
1. Entities.
2. Attributes.
3. Relationships.

Why Is ERD Important ?
A prerequisite for those who work in the field of systems analysis and software engineering, where the model is used to define the relations ERD "logical" between the entities in the relational database .
Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD)
Weak Entity:
Key attribute:
multivalued attribute:
Derived attribute:
Types of relationships:
Programs :
1. SmartDraw :
2. power designer
3. Microsoft Visio
4. CA ERwin Data Modeler
Programs :
5. ER Studio
6. Oracle Designer
Example of ERD:
ERD for computer store:
ERD for computer store Using SmartDraw:
Entity–Relationship Model (ER model) software :
SmartDraw Software:
why SmartDraw is perfect for making Entity–Relationship Diagrams?
1. Automatic Formatting.
2. Quick-Start Templates.
3. Free Support.

Sara Al-Saab, Shatha Joma’a,
Nuha Al-Mutairi,Mashael Al-Skran,
Bayan O'dah, Muneerah Al-Mutairi,
Ghaliah Al-Mutairi.
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