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body art

emily drake

shy sadora

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of body art

What was the movement?
Modern Tattooing
Tattooing has been practiced worldwide,
It has been a disputed topic among
religious and different ethnic
groups around the world.
When was it?
African tattooing dated back to between
2160 BC -1994 BC.
When was it?
297 AD
The first written record of Japanese tattooing was discovered when a Chinese history was put together. According to the written history, Japanese "men young and old tattooed their faces and decorate their bodies with designs.
Emily Drake & Shyanne Sadora
Scientist believed that scarring was developed because the dark pigmented skin of the indigenous African people was not ideal for tattooing. By cutting into the skin, the uppermost layer of pigment was broken and filled in with slightly lighter shades of scar tissue. There was just enough contrast for the marks to show after the wounds had finally healed.
African scarification
Scarification is an ancient African tribal body art where they purposely scar the skin to create raised marks and/or complete patterns
Designs formed out of
exotic flowers
are also part of the Japanese tradition of tattooing.
a significant mythological place in Japanese folklore and are widely used in tattoos. complicated designs highlighting

warriors,the Japanese
koi fish
are also regarded to be very fashionable. The
cherry flower
and the
lotus flower
are other signs that are used to create the designs for tattoos. An old Japanese tradition is that of full body tattooing .
Polynesian Tattooing
When was it?

Polynesian tattoo was recorded to
start in the late 16th century
Characteristics of Polynesian tattooing

There are two styles of Polynesian tattoo designs.
is the first style, where the design has strong
religious and spiritual meanings attached to it.
This style also has magical symbols, which are said to offer protection from the Gods.
is the other style, which
has natural designs.
These natural designs describe a person, his identity and his social status, along with island of origin, occupation and history.
Most of the Polynesian tattoo designs symbolized courage, honor and gave protection.
Kat Von D
Paul Booth
She was born March 8th 1982 In Mexico
Kat Von D appears on LA ink where she features her shop, High Voltage Tattoo and her various clients.
He won’t do unicorns, but for snakes and skulls, he charges $400 an hour. For him the darker the idea the better.
Booth attended Catholic school through 12th grade in N.J., where teachers scolded him for doodling images of monsters and skeletons during class.
Paul started his first tattoo shop in his own house in 1997
In 2002, Rolling Stone Magazine featured Booth and proudly crowned him “The new king of rock tattoos.”




One thing all these different cultures have in common is that they have all influenced the modern tattooing that we are surrounded by today.
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