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tv news

prep for obama mock

john crossley

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of tv news

TV News Visual Codes Technical/Audio Codes Genre Conventions Order/structure of the programme (Studio Presenter/correspondent) Graphics Music Depth of Analysis Pace/tone of voice The types of stories covered Appearance of the Presenter Studio Backdrop Correspondent on Location Code A Code can be defineed as.... Lighting Camera Shots Mise-en-scene Framing Genre conventions are.... Audiences How could we categorise audiences? Give two different audiences for the ITV TV News What influences govern how audiences respond to texts? Plenary Identify the stongest answer on your paper What genreal writing tips can you identify Comment on the visual codes of the ITV News extract. Comment on the technical and audio codes How does the programme attract its main audience Comment on the genre conventions Homework Using at least two of your own examples, explore the representation of ethnicity in the media Task 1 List a series of texts through which to comment on the representation of ethnicity in the media
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