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Sex and Gender

ANTH001 26 Oct 2015

Lisa Garibaldi

on 3 May 2017

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Transcript of Sex and Gender

Sex and Gender
Sex & Gender:What’s the difference?
Genetic (phenotypic expressions)
Chromosomal sex
Epigenetic factors

Cultural (i.e. is learned, not fixed)
Standards of behavior
Roles for men and women (occasionally third genders).

Chromosomal Sex
XX, XY doesn’t really cover the range of human genetic expression
At least 5 sexes
external genitalia
secondary sex characteristics

Roles are culturally determined
Wide variety of assumptions about what masculine and feminine are.

There are not consistent patterns across time and space

Implicit and explicit

Foucault and the history of Western conceptions of human sexuality
Patriarchy, needs clear cut boundaries between male and female
Control of bodies- Discipline
Why Does Society Care about Sex or Gender Expression?
Legal Issues
Alternate Conceptions of Gender
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