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FlowHouse Balance

By Matilda, Adele, James and Seb

Matilda Boyce

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of FlowHouse Balance

Matilda How does Flow House link with the Balance unit? By Matilda, Adele, James and Sebastian The Big Question "Are things always more stable when different elements are in the best possible proportions?" When we had to think of a topic for our presentation, we had to think about all our different interests and how they could connect to the learning we have done in the past few weeks. What school subjects does Flow House link to? DT Maths/Science P.E. DT Maths/Science P.E Flow house links with DT because:
- The design of the board is not normal (lot of thinking)
- Requires a lot of DT work making board
- Also, the wave machine is made with lots of DT Flow boarding links with P.E because:
- Flow boarding is a sport
- Need a lot of balance to stand/kneel on board
- Need coordination to be able to ride, same goes for P.E too. Math and science both link with Flow House because:
- Balancing on the board is hard work
- Needs a lot of thinking (physics, to be precise)
- Need to calculate the amount of water that comes out to form the wave These are some pictures of us at Flow House! :) What is Flow House? Flow House is a place where you can surf artificially. The tide has a very strong current, from a wave machine. It produces wave sheets, which you then surf on with a board. Adele Sebastian James Interviews Our group interviewed a few people,
asking them either question, 'How do you think Flow House relates to the Balance Unit?' or 'What subjects does Flow House link to?'. Thank you to Lei, Tia, Sofia, Vanessa and Ela for sharing with us their thoughts on our topic! : ) "Are things always more stable when the different elements are in the best possible proportions?"

We think that FlowHouse is more stable when the different elements are in the best possible proportions because the board has to be properly made and the waves have to come in the right proportions. This video shows you what Flow Boarding is, but it isnt as easy as it looks!
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