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Exercises and Mental Health

Duygu Gizem Guven

Amanda Shelton

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Exercises and Mental Health

I choose this topic because i wanted to know the positive results of exercising and how it will change lives in more positive way. I also wanted to know exercising helps improve mental problems and letting us think in more positive ways. You gain fat, lose muscle and lose energy.
When you do not move, from either choice or due to injury, you burn fewer calories each day.
An excess of just 500 calories per day translates into a weight gain of 1 lb. per week or 4 lbs. per month.
When you gain weight, you have an increased risk for high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
Being overweight makes exercise harder because you stress your joints more when you run or jog Duygu Gizem Guven
November 26, 2012 What happens to your body when you dont exercise Most effective ways of Exercise Why i choose this topic Exercise and Mental Health good technique is a must for a safe, effective workout
Push ups
Abdominal crunches Sources What I have Learned Resources Physical activity is good for our mental health.
Experts believe that exercise releases chemicals in our brain that makes us feel good.
Regular exercise can also boost our self-esteem and help us concentrate, sleep, look and feel better. less tension, stress and mental fatigue
a natural energy boost
improved sleep
a sense of achievement
focus in life and motivation
less anger or frustration
a healthy appetite
better social life
having fun. Lack of exercise can lead to a lessened sense of well-being.
Our body loses muscle tone and strength and our self-esteem can suffer as a result.
Weight gain might lead to social isolation and bad eating habits.
Depression. Effects Mental Health There is a gym at the campus that is open to the students on certain hours.
There are also classes that are available in the campus like yoga, swimming, dance, martial arts and etc....
There are also gyms in our community like lifetime fitness gym which haves a lot of good exercising activities. I learned that exercising has big affect on us that shapes our lives. If we dont do our exercising it will not only disturb our studies in school but will also start causing health issues. Daily or weekly exercising and eating healthy will help us think more positively while giving more oxygen to brain. Lauren Fritsky Last "What happens to your body when you dont exercise?" Feb 9, 2011, November 26, 2012
http://www.livestrong.com/article/377725-what- happens-to-your-body-when-you-dont-exercise/

Unified Solutions Ltd "Exercise and Mental Health" November 26, 2012
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