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Transmedia Project

For the Storytelling Across Media course

Teymour Sursock

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Transmedia Project

A Transmedia Project Elevator Pitch Who's Our Audience? Bria COLE Nima MOINPOUR Stephanie LIM Teymour SURSOCK Transmedia Architectural Structure Why Transmedia? Audience Outreach Beyond The Page is a Transmedia communication experiment that transforms, through collaboration the nature of the research paper’s contents into other mediums of presentation -The New School’s students and academia.
-The program's collaborators professional and personal network.
-The user or visitor of the social media platforms used by the project. The Structure: An Organic Transmedia Storyworld viewed through the Architecture Lens.
The Storyworld is set in Present day, online on social media platforms and offline in New York City around and within The New School’s campus. This approach allows us to both deliver our narratives in an engaging manner to a wider audience as well as exhibit our future Collaborators productions, which will represent Transmedia. -Offline word of mouth in classes, events and personal meetings with faculty and department administrations.
-Online word of mouth on Social Media platforms-Digital Survey via email listings and Social Media groups.
-The New School’s Research Radio podcast-The New School’s Online Magazine Immediacy (for the 2013 Fall edition)
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