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Mary Ann Cotton

No description

Sasha Warren

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Mary Ann Cotton

Mary Ann Cotton
Adult Life
Mary had 3 husbands and 1 lover. she also had 8 children and 7 stepchildren. she did not attend any form of higher education. and was not known to be a loner.
When Mary was arrested in 1872 she tried to convince police that all her family dying was a misunderstanding. they had ingested arsenic through paper in the house. she stuck with her story, calm and collected until she was found guilty.
Born as Mary Ann Robson in 1832 in a village of Low Moorsley in Tyne and Wear Northern England. Her father was a coal miner who died when she was eight.
Mary and her brother were raised by there mother who was impoverished after the loss of her husband. Mary mother later remarried and Mary is said to have loathed her stepfather.
Diagnosis of Treatment
Mary was never diagnosed with any mental illness. In the era when these murders took place many people didn't believe or understand mental illness. Thus very few people were ever diagnosed including Mary Cotton.
Nature of the Crimes
Arsenic, the main weapon of Mary Cotton. she would slip it into their food or drinks and they would quickly die of the poisoning . Mary committed murders from 1857-1872. in the end the amount of people she murdered was 21+
At the age of 16 Cotton moved out and started working in a middle class family as a servant. During this period she looked after 12 children cooking and cleaning for them. Cotton got a taste for the middle class life whilst working for this family. These two factors could contribute to the influences that drove Mary Ann Cotton to kill for her insurance money. By looking after 12 children she became resentful towards children. It would not have been difficult for her to kill her own children and stepchildren.
Withstand Trial
Mary Ann Cotton was deemed sane to go through with her execution. But the execution was pushed back for months so Mary could have her final child.
Charged and Sentenced
Mary Ann Cotton was charged with 21 count of first degree murder and was sentenced to be excuted.
After Prison
On March 24, 1873 Mary Cotton was hanged in prison. The execution was botched with Mary failing to die from the initial drop after the gallows trapdoor opened. Instead she slowly choked to death as she dangled on the end of the noose.
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www.dailymail.co.uk/Mary- Ann- Cotton/Britians-first-serial-killer.htlm 5th of Febraury 2012
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