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The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

No description

Shaily U.

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Elements of postmodernism
The only element of postmodernism is when Walter Mitty is going back and forth from realistic life and dreamlike worlds.
Literary Elements
Setting: The setting of this story is mostly in his dreams .
Theme: denying reality causes all sorts of fantasies
Mood: In his real life the mood is dull and boring but in is dreams it becomes more alive.
Works Cited
Info on the Author
James thurber was born December 8 1894 in Columbus Ohio. He went to Ohio State University. He was a cartoonist and an illustator, but he stopped drawing because his failing eyesight developed into blindeness.
The story starts out by us meeting the main character: Walter Mitty. We see him driving his car to town with his wife, while driving he slips into a daydream about being a captain of a Navy Hydroplane that goes through a storm. After dropping his wife off he passes by the hospital and slips into another daydream of him being a famous surgeon. Later we find him in a hotel waiting for his wife, then both of them leave and Mrs. Mitty goes to the drugstore while Walter waits otside and has a dream about being interrogated in a court room. The last dream he has is he becomes a pilot for a british plane.
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
"James Grover Thurber." 2014. The Biography.com website. Apr 17 2014
Prezi by : Baylee H.
Shaily U.

Symbolism : escapism is more evident in this story because he always seems to escape real life and insists to live in his fantasies.
Baylee : Summary of Plot,Literary Elements, Works cited
Shaily: Author, Elements of postmodernism, pictures/video
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