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Anatomy and Physiology 5.03

No description

Allie Mishler

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Anatomy and Physiology 5.03

Anatomy and Physiology 5.03
Macromolecules superheroes

The Hydrocarbon Hero
The Supersonic Farm-hand
The supersonic farm hand is a superhero that works on a farm and delivers every person in the world their daily dose of carbohydrates.
As carbohydrates are naturally occurring and can be found growing in the ground, a farmer with supersonic speed is the perfect heroine to deliver people with yummy food like fruits, veggies, and bread in order to give people energy and help their hearts deliver oxygen to various parts of the body.
N.R.G The Great
N.R.G. The Great is a superhero being paid by the government to develop and deliver proteins to people in need in order to construct and repair body parts, supply energy, fight infections, provide support, and help with movement and defense. N.R.G. the Great gets the energy to help all these people from meats like beef, chicken, and tuna. Once everyone's been given their daily dose of protein from N.R.G. the Great, they won't run our of steam for the rest of the day!
by: Allie Rae Mishler
The hydrocarbon hero is a lipid that assists with energy storage and cell growth. These lipids are found in cholesterol, sex hormones, and fat, and we obtain them through the consumption of fatty foods, like fish. Lipids can be categorized as either a saturated or unsaturated fat, and too much of this superhero can be unhealthy and cause cellulite and unwanted weight gain. Lipids are made up of hydrocarbons and can provide insulation as well as control metabolic functions.
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