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Why We Crave Horror Movies

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Emily Bottchen

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Why We Crave Horror Movies

Why We Crave
Horror Movies By: Emily B, Gannon M,
Cassie S, Ally S, Hunter C,
Anjdrea G. Characteristics The End Causal Chains Connections Order Approach Causes Primary and Secondary
Causes Effects Cause & Effect A desire to have fun and experience a thrill
The need for an emotionally stimulating experience
Having anti-social feelings
The need to release anger/pain without real world harm The release of anti-civilized feelings in an environment you control
Sense of relief at the end of the movie
Fulfillment of entertainment Primary
Social Reasons: because you wanted to; because all your friends were going
Personally: psychic relief Speculative
-multiple causes A link to the basic psychotic instincts Emphatic have fun/ normality -> see movie -> psychic relief Do you believe this to be true?
People watch movies to re-establish feelings of normality. Those that don't watch horror movies feel like the have their feelings of insanity in check. Besides horror movies, the essay also mentions a roller coaster as another outlet. In comparing the two, would the have more similar causes or more similar effects? Introduction: In reaction to seeing a horror movie, do you feel an effect would be more or less violence in the real world? Discussion
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