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Kaitlyn Rankin

on 20 April 2018

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Transcript of al-qaeda

General Information
Al-Qaeda is a multi-national islamic militant organization founded by Usama bin Laden. this organization was founded in 1988. From the time Al-Qaeda was founded it moved headquarters several times from Afghanistan to Sudan and other places as well. All of the Members of this organization pledged an oath to Al-Qaeda and to Usama bin Laden, and if they were suspected of going against the group they were identified and killed.
Against the U.S.
Usama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were very much against the United States for many reasons. The main reason for them being against the U.S was because the U.S didn't go along with their extreme belief in the islamic religion. Also the U.S didn't govern in a way that they thought was appropriate. Another reason was because the united states was allies with other countries that did not govern in the islamic fashion. these countries were also considered as enemies of Al-Qaeda.
how Al-Qaeda was successful
Al-Qaeda functioned on its own but it also operated through other terrorist groups as well. These included terrorist groups from Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia, Croatia, Albania, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, the Philippines.
Al-Qaeda had many connections in many countries. the organization also had many representatives in countries like the United States and allies of the U.S. Because Al-Qaeda has so many hands in many different countries they have been successful in the past at terrorist attacks.
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A goal of Al-Qaeda
One of the main goals of Al-Qaeda was to drive out United States forces in Saudi Arabia and other places close to that area.
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