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Ph D Presentaton Handball Skill Tests

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Yogesh Bodke

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of Ph D Presentaton Handball Skill Tests

Steps in construction of skill test
United States involved in the Korean War
- Kraus-Weber test of minimum muscular strength (1953 )
The outcome of this was YFT
- Establishment of President’s Council Youth Fitness Test Battery (1956)
- Development of the AAHPER youth fitness test (1958)
President's Challenge 1987
AAHPERD health-related Fitness Test 1988
FITNESSGRAM (Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research, 1988)

Skill Tests (for data collection)
Tools for data collection
Procedure of the Study
Descriptive cum Normative study
(Thomas, 2005)

Survey Technique was used for collecting data
Research Method

Studies on Skill Test Development in Different Games and Sports
Studies on Development of Test Battery on Physical Fitness
Studies on Establishment of Reliability and Validity
Studies on Development of Norms
Review of literature
Operational Definition of the Terms Used
Following limitations were considered for this research
Since the test items are many, the researcher is not able to take all the measurements alone. He therefore will take help from some qualified assistants. The researcher therefore considers it as a limitation of this study.
As the subjects participating in this study belong to various schools or clubs, therefore the factors such as diet, nutrition, training etc, may be different and may not be controlled.
The skill training given to the selected subjects by their coaches will not be taken into consideration for this study
Limitations of the Study
Following Delimitation were defined for this research
This study was delimited to the
Junior Level handball players
Male handball players
Maharashtra state only
Selected skills of Handball i.e. shooting, throwing and dribbling
Following assumptions were made for this research
All team players, coaches, Maharashtra Handball Association and Organizing committee will cooperate during this study
The team
will actively participate in the tests
Players will give true response to the skill test
All players participated in the competition have already represented state level
Experts will administer the tests properly & will record the data accurately
Keeping in view the need, background and purpose of the study, Investigator had listed the following major objectives.
To design tests for measuring fundamental skills (Shoot / Pass / Dribble) in handball
To establish validity of the skill tests
To establish reliability of the skill tests
To establish objectivity of the skill tests
To develop appropriate standardized norms for the Junior Level Handball players
‘’Development of Skill Tests of Team Handball Game for Junior Level Male Handball
Players of Maharashtra’’
Statement of The Problem
Front Shoot- To measure Shooting Abilit
Accuracy Throw- To measure Throwing Abili
Skill Test In Handball

Criteria of good test can be defined by acronym ‘PROVABLE’
P - Precise
R - Reliable
O - Objective
V - Valid
A - Administratively Feasible
BL & E - Bound To Lead To Excellence
The origin of test and measurement = mid 1800s.
Dr. Hitchcock - Anthropometrics
Rating scales and inventories to access social and moral attributes were developed.
Historical Perspective of Test, Measurement & Evaluation
Researcher : Mr. Yogesh Bodke
Guide :Dr. Mahesh Deshpande

Development of Skill Tests of Team Handball Game for Junior Level
Male Handball Players
of Maharashtra

Skill Tests
Team Handball
Development of skill test
Jr. Level Male Handball Players
Operational Definition of the Terms Used
Methods of Evaluation
Product Evaluation approach
Process Evaluation approach
Norm-Referenced Approach

Criterion-Referenced Approach
Other Methods of Evaluation
Goal Setting
Types of Tests
Type 1
Written Tests
Type 2
Psycho motor Tests
Chi square value of question
Objectivity of the handball skill tests
Intraclass Correlation Coefficient of Skill Tests
Reliability of the Handball Skill Tests
Analysis of Questionnaire for Test construction by Chi-Square Test
Validity of the handball skill test
Normality of the Data Collected for Standardization of the tests
The data was analyzed using various statistical techniques such as Mean, Median, Mode, SEM, SD, Percentile, Pearson Product Moment Correlation, ANOVA (Reliability)
Statistical Techniques Used
Based on the results, this study recommends that-
These skill tests can be successfully administered to discriminate the talent of Handball players.
This will help to compose a standard state level Handball team.
Selection Committee and Coaches may use these skill tests as a “selection criteria” to determine the abilities of Handball players.
This may help to adopt new strategies in training, coaching, and teaching so as to enhance the efficiency of player or Handball team.
It is recommended to conduct similar study on the other skills of handball
Similar study on senior age groups, even for girls, has been recommended.
The norms developed in this study have adequate objectivity with statistical acceptability.
The contents of the skill Tests and their norms can be used as criteria for selection of talented junior level Handball players to compose a standard State level Handball team for the state of Maharashtra.
Obstacle Dribble test is constructed more in game like situation.
Test is designed in such a way that player is supposed to some obstacles by dodging them while dribbling in straight direction.
The test has high correlation coefficient of reliability (0.97), Validity (0.88) and objectivity (0.97)
Accuracy Throw test is constructed to measure the accuracy of the pass of the handball players.
The Distance and height at which player is supposed to throw the ball is finalized as per the height of the players i.e.in the Indian context.
The height of the circles in which players are supposed to throw the ball is lowered and distance was reduced to the 7 meter and 10 meter where it was 12 meter and 15 meter in the previous test.
The test has high correlation coefficient of reliability (0.99), Validity (0.89) and objectivity (1.00)
Test Manual
Inter class Reliability
(Test-Retest Reliability)

Intra-class Reliability
Alternate Form Reliability
Split-Half or Odd-Even Reliability
Face Validity
Content Validity
Construct Validity
Concurrent Validity
Predictive Validity
The Jump Shoot test is constructed to measure the accuracy of the shooting of the handball player and is significantly measuring the same.
In this test, player is attempting shoots from Left In, Center Back and Right Out positions.
This test is very easy to administer as compared to the previous available shooting test.
Front shoot test resembles the game like situation.
The test has high correlation coefficient of reliability (0.98), Validity (0.81) and objectivity (1.00)

1990s -test & measurement, integral part of physical education.
physically fit and physically educated person.
only way to Assess & Evaluate physical fitness and Skill Performance
Fitness Test
Skill Test
Thank You
Normality of Data collected for preparation of norms (N=258)
Normality of Data collected for preparation of norms (N=258)
Skill tests in Indian context

Standardized Test & Administrative Feasibility
Need and Importance
There are few more skill tests available (Graham, 1988) such as
Speed Pass- To measure Passing Ability
Dribble- To measure Dribbling Ability
Footwork- To measure Footwork Ability
Dr. Sopan Kangane, developed a test battery
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