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Soil Amendments from Biochar

A carbon based soil amendment that rebuilds soil and produces healthier, greener plants.

Michelle Torsen

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Soil Amendments from Biochar

soil amendments from Biochar How biochar is Made So Why Biochar Benefits Rebuilds soil
Retains soil nutrients Conserves water
Lowers use of synthetic fertilizers what is biochar Biochar is part of sustainable future that ultimately provides us with a healthy food supply and cleaner air and water. Increases plant growth What is so Amazing about Biochar As a soil amendment, it

Breaks down quickly and disperses in the soil
Supports beneficial microbial growth
Nourishes soil to produce higher yields
Reduces water and fertilizer requirements
Sequesters carbon long term
Gives us a climate friendly product We take organic feedstock and convert it into a carbon rich product, similar in appearance to charcoal, using our core technology, the Thermal Recovery Unit Biochar has been used in agriculture for more than 2,000 years and is now used as a safe, sustainable soil amendment.
While biochar nourishes the soil, it also

Enhances food supply
Protects water quality
Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
Creates clean energy
Sequesters carbon long term Biochar is a highly porous carbon material derived from organic feedstock. Rebuilds soil fertility
Restores soil nutrients
Stimulates root growth
Conserves water
Increases agriculture yields and quality
Decreases harmful runoff
Reduces use of traditional chemical fertilizers
Home Gardens
Community Gardens
Green Roofs
Golf Courses
Commercial Agriculture Can be used for How it works We produce biochar then pelletize into a custom blend You mix amendment with soil rebuilds
your soil Thermal Recovery Unit (TRU) continuously converts organic materials to syngas, steam and biochar. Enhances food crop production
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