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Halobacterium salinarum

They are extremophiles that love being in high concentrations of salt.

Hana A.

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Halobacterium salinarum

They are a type of halophiles, which are extremophiles that love being in high concentrations of salt. Halobacterium Salinarum Who founded halobacterium?? Halobacterium grow in salty environments. They are usually found in the Great Salt Lake in Utah, Owens lake in California,Lake Magadi, the Dead Sea, and evaporation ponds. Watch out they live on crackers also!! Halobacterium ----> Fun Facts about Halobacterium!! Halobacterium are coated with a special protein They grow best in a 42C environments Halobacterium Salinarum was founded by Harrison and Kennedy, in 1922. By Hana Abid Evaporation ponds --> Thanks for watching!
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