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Is It Worth It?

trent buquoi & sarah zirkle

Angela Altazan

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Is It Worth It?

The Penny Debate
Reasons To Get

of the Penny
The penny needs to be
Many countries have got rid of the penny with no problems.
Based off a survey, 67% of the people want to get rid of the copper coin,the penny.
Getting rid of the penny would also conserve resources, such as copper, zinc, and the fuel and energy it takes to mine and make the coin.
Monday , May 24 , 2014
By : Sarah Z. and Trent B.
First of all, the penny can't buy anything because it's value is too small. Nobody even wants or needs them! Most people throw away pennies because it's value is worthless. Pennies also waste time when it comes to counting out the small coins. In fact, the average American wastes 2.4 hours a year counting out pennies or waiting for someone to provide their change in pennies.
This one cent coin cost more to make than it's quality. It cost the U.S. Mint more to make each coin. This means that taxpayers are losing $0.26 of a cent for every penny made each year.

Our evidence was found on the internet website about.com
Is It Worth It?
A Waste of Time
" It costs almost 2 cents to make a penny! What do you need them for, exactly?"

"If you get 100 of them, you can't even buy coffee!"
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