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To Set Our House In Order

No description


on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of To Set Our House In Order

To Set Our House in Order PLOT Ewen MANITOBA After WW1(Refrence to Battle of Somme) Self-realization- the fulfillment of one’s potential

One of the biggest realizations we get is after hearing more about a person through secrets and their past. Theme is the central topic,subject or point an author is trying to convey to show purpose or importance Pathetic Fallacy is giving human like emotions to Innate objects By Margaret Lawrence Kristina
Matthew Expostion/Andecdent Action Before the story took place, Vanessa and her parents moved in with her Grandmother due to the great deppression

The story took place in Grandmother MacLeod’s house, and during the time of the Great Depression. Intial Incident Initial incident was that something went wrong before Vanessa’s brother was ready to be born, and her mother had to go to the hospital two weeks early Rising Action Fear that the baby will die like their last baby
due to the fact the baby is two weeks early Tension in the family with money and their future since they are currently going through the Depression. CLIMAX Her mom had to get the operation and her father mentioned that the baby had twisted itself around the umbilical cord Falling Action The baby is born healthy and well, and her mother ends up okay a Resoution Vanessa was told by her Grandmother that God loves order and want each of us ‘to set our house in order’, but Vanessa realizes through the events that had happened recently, that if God loves anything, it is not order CHARACTER Vanessa Narrator of the story

10 year old only child from a
small town in Manitoba

Critical of her family and
tends to be curious and sometimes
careless or reckless
Despises her Grandmother and thinks she
is a bad person Mrs. MacLeod Mrs.MacLeod or Grandma MacLeod
is the mother of Ewen and the
Grandmother to Vanessa

She is the head of the family and acts in a way that
would potray power and dominance over the other
members of the family

She is a very negative and cynic person

She is very organized and is strict about her
order in the household Beth Beth is the mother to Vanessa
Not much is really known about her other
than the fact that she has black hair and
has a child on the way that is a couple weeks early She is Beth's sister and Vanessa's Aunt

Like the other members of
the family she despises Grandmother MacLeod and
helps housekeep when the MacLeods can't afford a maid Round/Flat Round- Characters who portray many traits and emotions who may change throughout the story. Tend to major or developed characters. Example(Vanessa as she progresses throughout the plot and gets to understand her family better)

Flat- Characters who show minimal or few traits and are usually minor subjects. Example(Edna, she only has a few traits and is not really of any real significance to the story) Dynamic/Static Dynamic- Characters that change or have a moral epiphany throughout the plot Example(Vanessa as she changes her view of the family and Grandma as it develops)

Static- Don't change or develop from the start to the end of the story Example(Grandma MacLeod still has a negative view on people and the world around her after the story) Realistic/Stereotypical Stereotypical (Stock)- Characters which are based on a certain social class or stereotypical trait. Example(Grandmother MacLeod is a typical old person and her beliefs and values are based on these stereotypes)

Realistic- Characters that are relatable to most people and can be thought of as everyday people and aren't based on stereotypical traits(Ewen, we can see his pain and problems he faces and relate to them easily) Motovation Ewen gets his motivation from
his pride and knowledge that he can
provide for his family and help them
despite Grandmothers complaints

Vanessa gets her motivation from developing and understanding her family

Grandmother MacLeod gets her motovation from fact that she is the eldest of her family and assumes control of it Charecter Foil Ewen vs Grandmother MacLeod Epiphany Vanessa has an epiphany when
she realizes that her Grandmother was
wrong and that if anything God doesn't
want order, rather things happen for a reason
in even the most unusual times SETTING Fictional Town of MANAWANKA Durring Great Depression (We moved in with Grandmother
McLeod when got bad) McLeod House- Dosen't feel like Home Theme Motif is a reccuring element with symbolic signifcange in a story •Page 242: “I listened to the night murmurings that always went on in that house, sounds which never had a source, rafters and beams contracting in the dry air, perhaps, or mice in the walls, or a sparrow that had flown into the attic through the broken skylights there. After a while, although I would not have believed it possible, I slept.”
•Page 252: “I did sleep at last, and in my dreams I could hear the caught sparrow fluttering in the attic, and the sound of my mother crying, and the voices of the dead children.”
•Specifically towards the sparrow that had flown into the attic, I think is a direct comparison to the new baby and how it is entering their lives like the sparrow entering the house. Symbolism is a particular object or theme which has
a meaning more than itself Rodrick- this idea of the name holding significance importance to the family due to Ewen's brother dying in the war

The House- how it is always in order because of the Grandmother's beliefs that God wants everything in Order. Example; Wild Orchid grew in a soft-petalled confusion, Anemic Ferns Allusion is a literary device which makes refrence to other forms of literautre Example;

Pg. 243 “…Uncle Roderick who got killed by the Somme…” Allusion to the Somme Offensive, which took place during the First World War between 1 July and 18 November 1916 on either side of the river Somme in France. The forces involved had suffered more than 1 million casualties, making it one of the bloodiest military operations ever recorded. This battle is where Vanessa’s Uncle Roderick was killed.

Pg 245: “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.” Biblical allusion to the verse of Job 1:21, it expresses Grandmother Macleod’s opinion that whatever happens is God’s will Irony is an incongruity between the literal and the implied meaning Point of View is the view in which the story is told from. In the short story the Point of View is told from the child Vanessa Author Biography Margret Laurence (July 18, 1926-January 5, 1987)
•Grown up in Neepawa
•Her parents died when she was a child
•Bachelor of arts degree at United College
•1947, married Jack Laurence
•1949-1957, she left Canada and lived in England, Somalia and Ghana.
•In 1952 and 1954 had her children.
•1957, moved to Vancouver.
•1962, she moved with her children to Penn (England)
•1969, got divorced
•1974,went back to Canada-Lakefield, Ontario END Ewen is a loving and caring father, son and
He is a very good Doctor in Manakwaka just
like his father
He has some troubles sticking up for himself and others when his mother criticizes him Grandmother Macleod and her iron-fisted, stern attitude which caused tension Vanessa thinks that she is completely fine without a younger sibling, and thinks that her parents are having another baby because they are not satisfied with having just her. In other words, things happen for a reason but they don't always have to fit or make scense Edna Rodrick Younger brother to Ewen

Died in the battle of Somme when he got
shot and killed overseas in France Ewen rembers the death of his younger brother
Rodrick when Grandmother McLeod Brings up
what they will name the child. Rodrick ended up getting
shot overseas in the Battle of Somme.
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