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08.07 Invisible Warfare: Assessment

World History Segment 2

Angel Johnson

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of 08.07 Invisible Warfare: Assessment

Paragraph #1
I have learned through out this lesson was about how the united states and the rest of the world responded to terrorism. They responded to terrorism by tightening up there airport security, and underground security. They tightened their borders , and the wire hack peoples phones, and created homeland security. I also learned about how religious fundamentalism impacted the world. Religious fundamentalism impacted the world because of how it brought terrorism to countries, and it encouraged Muslims to fight against imperialism. The united nations called on all countries to co-operate in the global fight against terrorism.
Paragraph #2
The symbols and images that i chose for the quilt of hope were hearts , pictures of people during the attack, and the building as it was attacked and on fire. most of my pictures are of the building, the building is set on fire and has smoke coming from the north and south tower. In my others pictures in my collage are after the buildings collapse and all you can see is ash, and building fragments everywhere with people covered in dust. people got lung cancer and sick from so much dust. my favorite picture that i put in my collage was one of superman who looks like hes hurt and is holding the american flag in front of the the two buildings, this is a sign of hope to me.
By: Angel Johnson
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