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We'll Always Have Summer

No description

Caroline Lewis

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of We'll Always Have Summer

We'll Always Have
Summer By: Jenny Han Main Character Minor Characters Jeremiah Belly Conrad Protagonist Antagonist Setting Conflict The main setting of this book is on an island called Cousins, where Belly, Jeremiah, and Conrad all grew up going to during the summer. Since Jeremiah and Conrad's mom passed away, it was sort of a get away place for all of them. Belly found out that Jeremiah cheated on her, but after a week of being mad at him he proposed. She said yes, and then they realized they had to tell their families. Belly is a freshman in college. She has never been confident with her self, until she started dating Jeremiah. She had known him all her life but they were just friends. Belly listens to what other people want of her, and she doesn't know what she wants for her self. Jeremiah is a thoughtful guy. He doesn't care if someone sees him cry, but will stand up for himself. He always has a wise perspective on what is going on. He takes care of people more than he cares about himself. Conrad is the kind of guy who bottles up his feelings. When his mom died, he started to throw away his life, but there is one thing he won't do. He won't break a promise. Belly is the protagonist in this book because she is the main character. The book is about her and her views and thoughts through her journey. Belly's mom strongly disagreed about the wedding. She said if you are this much in love, you still will be in a couple of years. Belly finally realized that she has to do what she wants and not to let others boss her around. Her mom finally came around and helped out with the wedding. By: Caroline Lewis The antagonist is Conrad because he was Belly's first love. He confessed to her that he loved her the night before her wedding. His promise to his mom was that he would protect his brother, but he didn't know what else to do. Belly has to decide between Belly has to decide between Conrad, her first love, and Jeremiah, the most thoughtful guy. She thinks she has her mind made up until the night before her wedding, Conrad confesses his love for her. After that she doesn't know what to do. Conrad tells Belly he loves her the night before the wedding. When she tells Jeremiah, he runs away. The morning of the wedding Conrad finds him and brings him home. Conrad tells Belly that Jeremiah needs her more, and that he won't be staying for the wedding. In the end Jeremiah and Belly get married and live a happily ever after.
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