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Rate and Ratios

Lesson for Sixth grade on rates and ratios.

Kenneth Knight

on 12 February 2011

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Transcript of Rate and Ratios

Rates and Ratios What is a rate? Credit card Rate Heart rate A rate is a ratio that is used to compare two different kinds of quantities. More simply put it describes how two quantities are related. 15.99% per Transaction 60 beats per Minute For example: we might say that you cook rice in a ratio of 2:4. That two cups of water To four cups of rice. If there were 20 cups of water then there would be Forty cups of Rice to for example Three ways to write a ratio. The frist way is to TO Between the quantites. For example: 2 cups of water TO four cups of rice write 2 to 4 The second is to use the Colon : 2:4 The third way is to write it as a fraction So lets Review The three ways to wrtie a ratio are 2 to 4 2:4 2/4 A rate is a ratio that compares how many quantities? Two Are they the same quantities? No. Different How many ways are ratios written? Three Standards
Sixth Grade Math

GLE 00-08 06.1.6 Read and interpret the language of mathematics and use written/oral communication to express mathematical ideas precisely.
GLE 00-08 06.1.8 Use technologies/manipulative appropriately to develop understanding of mathematical algorithms, to facilitate problem solving, and to create accurate and reliable models of mathematical concepts.
0606.1.7 Formulate questions, design studies, and collect real world data.
0606.1.9 Use age-appropriate books, stories, and videos to convey ideas of mathematics.
0606.1.11 Model algebraic expressions with manipulatives, technology, and pencil and paper.
GLE 0606.2.2 Solve multi-step mathematical, contextual and verbal problems using fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.
GLE 0606.2.3 Understand and use ratios, rates and percents.
ELL Standards
L.1 Comprehend spoken instructions.
L.1.1 Follow one-step directions.
L.1.2 Follow two-step directions.
L.1.3 Follow multiple-step directions
S.3 Provide detailed information on a relevant topic in a conversation.
Let's practice
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