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Desert Biome Drilling

No description

Jake Schmit

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Desert Biome Drilling

Desert Biome Drilling
Oil Accidents
Oil spills and dumping oil does major damage to desert environments. The plants and animals die and lose their homes, causing damage to food chains in the area
Oil Drilling Conflicts
There are a lot of conflicts relating to oil. Some major conflicts include The Persian Gulf War, part of the Iraq War, Falkland Islands Dispute, and the Spratly Islands Dispute. Many smaller conflicts go on between families, friends, and neighbors.
More Effects
When there is an oil spill, oil companies raise prices so it ends up being good for them. If there is a food chain including a mouse, snake, and hawk, the oil could cause the snake to relocate, which then causes the hawk to find a new home putting stress on both of the animals.
Effects On All Deserts
Oil Spills and drilling harms and takes away animals habitats, it may also take their life.
How we can Help
We can help by riding together with other friends or riding the Cyride. These two things would partially take down the need for oil. If we tell other areas to do these things then the demand for oil will go down even more, reducing the need to drill for oil.
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