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A New STAAR Has Risen

STAAR Overview

Dina Webb

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of A New STAAR Has Risen

A New STAAR Has Risen College Readiness Readiness Standards
critical for success in current grade & important for preparedness in succeeding grade/subject Supporting Standards “…the level of preparation a student must attain in English language arts and mathematics courses to enroll and succeed, without remediation, in an entry-level general education course for credit in that same content area.”
at four-year college and universities
at institutions that offer associate degrees and certificates Grades 3-8 & HS Grades 3-8, tests are in same grades and same subjects as TAKS
Grades 3-8 math
Grades 3-8 reading
Grades 4 and 7 writing
Grades 5 and 8 science
Grade 8 social studies High school, twelve end-of-course tests replace ten grade-level tests:

English I, English II, English III
Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II
Biology, Chemistry, Physics
World Geography, World History, US History What year was it in testing? Other STAAR's STAAR Modified STAAR Alternate STAAR With Accomodations Performance Standards Standard Setting
STAAR EOC: Feb 2012
STAAR 3-8: Oct 2012 Passing cut scores PHASED IN NO Phase in for CCR Indicators STAAR Design STAAR & Accountability New Standards to be used in state and federal accountability starting in 2013 Aligned Readiness Standards:12-K STAAR L STAAR Policy Impacts First STAAR retest offered in summer 2012 NO retest opportunities for SSI grades in the 2011-12 school year
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