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Ron Clark's: The Essential 55

Education for Exceptional Persons - Research Paper

Sonya Ziegenhorn

on 31 March 2012

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Transcript of Ron Clark's: The Essential 55

Ron's Upbringing
The Basis for The Essential 55 "Mudder"
Southern upbringing
Respect, manners, and an appreciation of others
Shown how to enjoy life, take advantage of opportunities, and live every moment to its fullest "If there were a code you could learn
that would lead you to become a GREAT
teacher -- of students, of your children,
or of ANY young person in your life --
wouldn't YOU want to learn it?" - Ron Clark
Presented by:
Sonya Ziegenhorn Rule #1
When responding to an adult, you MUST
answer by saying, "Yes ma'am" or "No Sir".
Just nodding your head or saying any other form
of yes or no is not acceptable. Rules for Early Childhood Rule #2
Make eye contact. When someone is speaking,
keep your eyes on them at all times. If
someone makes a comment, turn and face that person. Rule #3
If someone in class does something well,
we will congratulate that person. Rule #4
During discussions, respect other
students' comments, opinions, and ideas. Rule #9
Always say, "thank you" when I
give you something. If you do not
say it within three seconds of receiving
it, I will take it back. There is no
excuse for not showing appreciation. Rule #7
Always cover your mouth when
you sneeze or cough and say,
"excuse me". Rule #15
Do NOT ask for a reward! Rules for Upper Elementary
Rule #16
Homework will be turned in each day
for each subject by every student with
NO exceptions.
Keep a homework tally banner
For each day after 10 days in a row, cook something at night and give to them as a reward at lunchtime.
Peer pressure
Rule #17
Transitions will be swift, quiet, and orderly
Make transitions a game
Assign everyone a task
Practice task over and over again Rule #18
Be organized
Purchase required supplies and take pictures and attach to supply lists at the beginning of the year
The first 3 weeks of school, review how to keep organized.
Rule #44
When walking in a line, walk single
file with your arms at your
side. You should face forward
at all times. There will be absolutely
no talking. Rule #48
If any child in this school is
bothering you, let me know. I am
your teacher and I am here to look after
you and protect you. Rules for Life Rule #50 - Be positive and enjoy life.
Rule # 51 - Live so that you will never have regrets.
Rule #52 - Accept that you are going to make mistakes. Learn from them and move on.
Rule #53 - No matter what the circumstances, always be honest.
Rule #54 - Carpe diem - live each day to the fullest.
Rule #55 - Be the best person you can be.
A few tips for dealing with children:
Kids NEED and LIKE structure
Kids will work hard for you if they like who you are as a person
It's okay for you to WANT kids to like you
Kids like to know what is expected of them
Kids like to know they are cared for Tips for Dealing with Parents
Build a relationship with parents.
Make sure the initial contact with parents is a positive one, with no negativity at all.
Wear professional attire.
Ask the parent to "trust" you as a teacher
Send notes home or call parents out of the blue to tell them something good their child did.
Take every possible moment to thank parents. Tips for Setting Punishments
Name on Board
One check - student will sit with me at lunch
Two checks - student will lose recess.
Three checks - student will receive after school detention
Four checks - immediate parent-teacher conference
Daily rewards for goals met
Small trips
Large trips
Should be given immediately after the action "Guide students as they grow, show them in every way possible that they are cared for, and make special moments for them that will add magic to their lives, motivate them to make a difference in the lives of others, and, most important, teach them to love life."
Ron's "Everyday" Rules Rule #29 - The ABC's of Etiquette
Rule #31 - In a hotel room, leave a tip for the hotel workers that clean your room.
Rule #41 - At home, answer your phone in a polite and appropriate manner
Rule #42 - On escalators, stand to the right, walk to the left.
Rule #47 - Do NOT bring Doritos into the school building.
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