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Mr Tom

No description

Hashem I

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Mr Tom

Mr Tom
The end
Mr Tom is now a loving "father". He has gotten over his grief and back in society. He is now kind and caring to willie; because of this willie speaks more. He is a very encouraging and thoughtful man; or father.
In the middle
He started to go back into society and changed the subject when willie was uncomfortable.Although he was still quite subtle and straight to the point.He was better and kinder then before. He then started taking care of willie like he was his kid. E.g studying with him and buying him new clothes so he can keep warm.
the beginning
in the beginning Mr Tom looked to be mean but was actually caring inside. He was not involved in society at all.
He thought willy was like all the other evacuees.(mean, rude,unthoughtful.)
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