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The Holocaust Vs. The Wave

No description

sierra morehouse

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of The Holocaust Vs. The Wave

The Holocaust Vs. The Wave
Spreading through Germany:
The wave is quite similar to the Nazi party that Hitler led. If you think about the wave started in a small classroom but quickly spread throughout the whole school with only two people to object to it. Hitler had the Nazi party spreading through all of Germany without any other countries stopping it. It started with an idea but ended with tragedy.
Hitler and Ben Ross were both successful leaders. They were both leaders of large groups and were able to get people to listen to them. They both overpowered a large group or community with barely a flinch from the public. Is that really that far off from todays society?
Present Day
Take a look at your personal opinion and ask yourself this: Do you think you would be the follower to a leader or do you think you could actually become the leader? We are already so caught up in following people, we just dont see it as this. Twitter for example. We follow people, we constantly know and see what they are doing or thinking about. We dont see it as a bad thing but could it be?
The Classroom Experiment
The Nazi party was more serious because people were dying from it and it wasnt an experiment but they both still showed how easily someone will give away their individuality to follow someone.
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