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What is a Tornado and what causes it

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Rebekah Vigneswaran

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of What is a Tornado and what causes it

Where does a Tornado occur and why?

How often does the Tornado occur?
How does the weather affect a Tornado?
What weathers affect a Tornado

Rain affects a Tornado because when rain becomes severe and heavy it can cause a thunderstorm. Then after a thunderstorm strikes, a tornado is caused.
How does the tornadoes affect the natural environment and the built structures?
What is a Tornado and how does it form?
A Tornado is a violent rotating column of hot and cold air which can come after a Thunderstorm.A Tornado can also be called twisters and cyclones.

Tornadoes form when the wind changes the direction of the tornado and the speed of the tornado increases.They also form when a Thunderstorm strikes.
What Natural forces are involved?
Tornado disaster by Rebekah
Where Tornadoes occur-Asia,Europe,Africa,Australia,South America,New Zealand and the USA.
A Tornado occurs in these countries because A-all these countries have the most flat lands and B-They have the most Thunderstorms and as I said earlier a tornado occurs when a Thunderstorm strikes.
How to keep yourself safe from a Tornado?
Some ways to keep you and your family safe from a Tornado is stay in your house and get as much food,water,blankets and a radio.Then go into your basement and stay under there.
Fun Facts
.There are over
Tornadoes in the us every year
.Tornado winds are the fastest winds on earth
people are killed each year because of tornadoes
A tornado can happen
times a year on average and in some cases up to
times a year.
Tornadoes affect the natural environment because of the strong wind and the wind blows down the trees and houses or even buildings.
The natural forces that are involved is air because Tornadoes forms when hot and cold air rotates.
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