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The good dog book summary

Summary of Avi's The good dog.

Kijani Schubert

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of The good dog book summary

In Avi's The good dog, the dogs of
steamboat springs, CO get a surprise visitor: a wolf. After the wolf - called Lupin- gets shot, head dog McKinley& his best friend Aspen have to help her get home to the Zirkel Wilderness.
McKinley is a malamute who is the head dog in the Steamboat Springs dog pack. He is a fair leader who takes anyone into account - except himself.
Aspen is a retriever & McKinley's best friend and cares a lot about him.
Duchess is a greyhound who is mistreated by her master. She runs off with the wolf Lupin to join her wolf pack.
Lupin is a wolf that comes to Steamboat
Springs to recruit dogs for her
dwindling wolf pack.
Redburn is an Irish Setter who is a master tracker & thinks he should be head dog of the Steamboat Springs dog pack. He does anything & everything his masters tell him to do, even hunt Duchess & Lupin.
Jack is McKinley's "human pup" (owner) and wants to live with Lupin the wolf.
Thank you for watching!!!!
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