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Yosef Shuman's Portfolio

yosef shuman

yosef shuman

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Yosef Shuman's Portfolio

Portfolio Yosef Shuman's Product Design Service Ideas why are you looking all the way up here? 4. Architect's Bookcase 5. Clarity Chandelier 7. Increasingly Difficult Wine Glasses 1. Word Racks 8. Better Sigg Bottle 9. Nanopin Surfaced Glassware 12. Custom Stamped Shades* 11. Mag-Squids 16. Insomnia 18. Slowdown 17. Leaf Study #2 inspired by Radiohead's song "The Tourist" 15. Kiwi! (Audio Project) 10. Flippy Babies 6. Upcycled Lamp 19. Reaching 3. Social Butterfly Social Butterfly is a tool created to help break the ice and connect people with similar interests or related needs and services. This tool could be run on pre-existing hardware platform such as a smartphone, or on an independent hardware unit, which would offer notification when the appropriate kinds of people became proximal. Social Butterfly would offer various kinds of linking including recommendations for work, social associations, a skills and weakness documentation, and more.

To prompt a human connection, Social Butterfly creates a form of contextual naming variable which helps people establish contact and decide if they are interested in keeping in touch.

Social Butterfly involves making an internet style social and business network system which has realtime, local implications for people. Many of the features are derivable from current real networks such as linkedin, facebook, elance, etc. -Social Butterfly- 2. Child Buoy ``The top cause of death of children (up to 17 years old) in Asia is drowning. Most of these deaths are attributed to heavy storms or falling into rivers. Since hospitals are unable to help, deaths by drowning go largely unreported.

By implementing the technologies behind the commercial product 'Water Buoy', it is possible to turn a backpack, doll, or other child's comfort object into a self-inflating flotation device which children would instinctively cling to when scared. -Child Buoy- 13. Perfect Look In a world where data and imagination are seemingly infinite, make sure your important life decisions are well informed ones. When making your lifetime commitment to someone, why shouldn't you find them completely attractive?
Using genetic algorithms, Perfect Look will help you discern your ideal mate. If you're not as particular, choose only the aspects which are important to you, and spin the Randomizer to let fate decide.
After you've found your perfect imaginary mate, Perfect Look can then find them in reality by browsing a world-wide database of other users. When a mutual match is found, you will both be notified and relevant contact information will be shared. -Perfect Look- 14. Elympics Creating an extensive, international competition-hosting site and world community. Competitions may be of any size, suggested by the public, or financially backed and advertised by a business. Competitions can be thrown in any category imaginable, from design to music, from dancing to physics. For larger competitions, because often a problem cannot be solved by the same mentality that created it, Elympics strongly promotes all participants to compete internationally, and offers translation services. However, Elympics also caters to competitions which can only be thrown and attended locally (such as 'best apple pie' contests.)

Site users list their interests and abilities, and may sign up for recommendations of competitions within their fields of expertise. In addition to matching competitions to participants, Elympics also assists in the formation of collaborative team efforts between its users. The user interface shows a map with general locations of other site visitors, where individuals may opt to share areas of interest and their contact information. FIN inside-out is so much nicer! ironically, each piece had "Not For Reuse" stamped on it. this will auto-play, just give it a second. -Elympics- Art Furniture Lighting Drinkware Competitions Fashion Other A very early experiment to see how a product's form, space, and shadow can be engaged to interact with intended objects. Crystal stalactites
leave concentric circles of overlapping light. I set myself a mental challenge to make
something beautiful and unique out of
otherwise discarded materials To make something new, I tried to design an undrinkable glass of wine. Instead, each became a lesson in potential user interaction. An attempt to apply the open source philosophy to a popular everyday object. In this case, literally. Just like the hydrophobic leaves of the lotus, water beads off, taking all the dirt and residues with it; Eliminating needs for cleaning supplies, and reducing water usage. An early experiment in biomimicry design. The perfect fitting sunglasses, inexpensive, and made while you wait A good design should conform to the user, not force the user to conform to it. transparency promotes honest design. Promoting ease and safety Improving the common household powerstrip by combining two pre-existing and available technologies: Magsafe and Powersquids. In addition to being a security devices, bicycle racks can serve many purposes; from promoting bicycle usage and awareness, to creating city beautification through functional street art, all while allowing for heavy pedestrian flow. A quote from a book, or lyrics from a song. Who said bike racks are only for bicyclists? For Google's Project 10^100 contest For Google's Project 10^100 contest The extravagent epitome of user-centricity "Find a need, fill a need." - Service design for myself Browsing this flash application is easy!

1. Click fullscreen button in bottom right.
2. Use 'tab' button on your keyboard or the embedded arrows to scroll through the guided tour.
3. Enjoy! Old meets new: Combining the naturally occuring structures of our caveman ancestor's homes with current lighting technologies. *Horns not included Feel free to backtrack!

Also, you may click on any piece to quick-jump to it, then hit spacebar to zoom back out. *photo by yosef shuman *photo by yosef shuman *photo by yosef shuman *photo by yosef shuman For NYC City Racks Competition (hinge and clip-grip)
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