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Tutor Portal

No description

michael rogers

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Tutor Portal

Tutor Portal
A facility to enable tutors to manage more of their relationship with the WEA online

Outcome 1

Define what the Tutor Portal is
What is the Tutor Portal?

A web based secure online facility for sessional tutors
A facility that enables sessional tutors to update their personal details and qualifications online
Online interface for the completion and submission of Tutor Report Form,
Online interface for completion, submission and approval of Course Information Sheets (Outlines)
Personalised noticeboard / reminders for tutors
View own courses, contracts and claims facilities
Automatic emails and SMS re upcoming and overdue paperwork
A facility to email the organisers / regional office from within the portal

1: Define what the Tutor Portal is.

Group Learning Outcomes
In Summary................Tutors will be able to:
3: Sign in and out of the Tutor Portal.
4: Navigate and search for / find required information (activities, contracts, claims, personal details, training, messages, help).
5: Update personal information and qualifications details.
6: Create and submit to course organiser a Course Information Sheet.
7: Create and submit to course organiser a Tutor Report Form.
8: Communicate using the Tutor Portal’s tools and notifications (in-system messages, emails, SMS texts).
2: List advantages and capabilities of the Tutor Portal.
Outcome 2
List advantages and capabilities of the Tutor Portal.
and why it was developed
Marketing Leaflet
Tutor information is currently manually processed through letters, telephone calls and emails during office hours

The staff survey has identified workload issues (staff survey 2013) amongst admin and course organisers. The Portal has been developed to reduce the time staff spend on basic administration activities, so they can focus on their core jobs

There was a need to develop much more efficient systems and processes which reduces costs associated with staff time, duplication of effort, minimise postal and telephone costs

Improve quality of information the WEA holds, by ensuring that problems with the data are highlighted when it is being entered

Address sustainability by enabling elements of work to be completed online by the tutor

Tutor Portal – Business Case
Tutor Organisers
Focus on supporting the course management process.
A web based portal, giving organisers flexible access using a quick and easy method
Information on courses will be personalised for the organiser e.g. My Tutors, My APFs, My tutor reviews
Dashboard control – new course numbers, numbers submitted, no’s approved
Direct messaging facility for queries, sending alerts and contacting tutors

Benefits – Admin / Operations groups
Help frontline staff in reducing day to day general enquiries

Updates and reminders can be automated - reducing the need for a ring around

Automatic reminders provide help with chasing outstanding paperwork

Tutors update information themselves, making it more up to date and accurate, reducing the burden on admin and operations

Important messages or information requests can be sent via a message board

Any amendment or request to change information made via the Tutor Portal is recorded automatically in an audit history file.

Advantages & Capabilities of Tutor Portal for each stakeholder user type
• See what personal information is wrong

• See up to date info re courses planned - reducing need to call regional offices

• 5 days advance notice of paperwork due to be sent to regional office - helps with time and work planning

• See up to date contracts, claims, 2nd session and end of course - reducing need to call regional office and organisers

• In-system communication facilities - text messages to organisers

• Online CIS and TRF submissions - no need to post

• In-system communication facilities for quick and easy sending of text messages to one or more students on a course, copied to regional office for backup (reminding them to bring proof of fee remission / notifying them that class is not running etc).

• Up to date info on all your tutors and courses via graphical dashboard in weaMIS that is clickable for drilling down to more detailed info - aiding workload and time planning, awareness and communication

• Online approval / rejection of CISs and reviewing / commenting on TRFs - speeding up process, eliminating need to manually file and retrieve, enabling quick and easy real-time checking

• Email / SMS texts to some or all tutors - speeding up communication

• Generate reports for TRFs - aiding quality reviews and self assessment reporting

• Notification by email of changes made by tutors to their personal details - aiding awareness, ensuring data is up to date and accurate, speeding up regional processes and procedures

• Notification by email of changes and additions made by tutors to their qualifications - enabling chase-up for validation / proof

• Reminders automatically created / sent to tutors by system regarding paperwork overdue or due to be sent to regional office - reducing / eliminating need to chase up

• Up to date info on contracts and pay claims and expenses - reducing / eliminating need to deal with phone calls from tutors

Course Information Sheet

1. This is activated through partial entry of the APF, i.e. data needs to be entered in the following fields:
a. Title
b. Start date
c. Target End date
d. Time
e. Venue
f. Subject area
g. Tutor

2. There will be a tick box in the APF CIS required which will default to ticked for all teaching activities including short courses and tasters.

3. Once the details in 1 above have been entered and saved, the partially completed CIS will be available in the Tutor Portal with a status of ‘new proposal’.

4. The Tutor will receive an alert (email/SMS) to ask them to log in and complete the CIS.

5. Once they have completed and submitted the CIS the organiser will receive notification (via email) that the tutor has submitted the CIS. The email will probably contain a link which once click takes them to the CIS in weaMIS

6. The organiser logs into weaMIS into weaMIS and review the CIS – they can print it out at this stage but it will say that it’s not yet been approved. If the CIS is okay the organiser can approve the CIS. If there is a problem the organiser can either reject it or explain the problem and this is sent in the form of an email to the tutor. Or if the problem is fairly minor they can amend the CIS and approve it.

Tutor Report Form

1. This is triggered when the target end date has been reached for the course.
2. Tutor logs on and complete the TRF it will have a status of ‘required’
3. When they have completed and submitted the TRF their organiser will receive notification (via email) that the tutor has submitted the TRF. The email will contain a link to the TRF in weaMIS
4. The organiser logs on and review it and record the actions
5. The will be an area in weaMIS ‘My Tutor Reports’ where organisers can access all the Tutor Reports for their tutors.
6. 3 days before the target end date the tutor will receive an alert by SMS/email say the course is due to end soon so don’t forget to complete the end of course paperwork as soon as it does.
7. If they haven’t submitted the TRF 14 days from the target end date they will receive an alert to say that TRF so submit it asap or contact region/organiser.

Outcome 3
Sign in and out of the Tutor Portal
Navigate and search for / find required information (activities, contracts, claims, personal details, training, messages, help)
Lets have a go at using the tutor portal
You will be given a training
user name and password
Navigate your way around the screens through the menus
Click on the menus
Don't worry the actual TP will have a recognisable name
The mobile phone number the WEA currently holds for you
A new claim not yet paid for a course that is in progress
A completed CIS
Exercise: Navigate and Search
Share your tutor portal experience


One positive thing about the Tutor Portal

One feature you would like to see in the future
Outcome 4
Outcome 5
Update personal information and qualifications details
Outcome 6 and 7
6: Create and submit to course organiser a Course Information Sheet
7: Create and submit to course organiser a Tutor Report Form
Time to introduce the WEAmis dashboard to Organisers and Admin staff
The home page dashboard enables you to see at a glance the status of your course programme to support you through the course management process.

Your APFs, APF Amendments, Activities, CISs, Tutor Reports and Tutor Reviews are displayed graphically. If you hover over the segments you can see the number of records with that particular status and clicking the segment takes you to the records.

You can view information about the courses, tasters and short activities for staff member 1 by clicking “My APFs” on the menu bar.

Here you can view all your APFs in the active year, you can create new APFs (and create APFs via a template), and view any that have been rejected or cancelled. You will be able to view submitted APFs until they are accepted by the Regional Office.

You will also be able to search for APFs (including those in a year different to that of your active year) by choosing the “Search All” link.

There is also a list of the last 10 APFs you recently viewed. Clicking the link will take you to that APF.

There will be guidance on using the WEAmis system shortly
There is a step by step guide to creating Course Information Sheets
There is also a step by step guide to creating Tutor Report Forms
Show IT survey results
Tutor Portal ICT Survey Report 11-10-13.pdf
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