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How does new technology make us lazier?

Jared Harper

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Technology

Yet helpful and handy, the smart
phone has brought forth a generation of laziness. By Josh Roschè, Hanson Russell, Jared Harper, Alec Wendt and Reis Wiedemann How does new technology
make us lazier? New Technology How has society become increasingly lazier? The Internet Convenience of Lazy The Future of Technology What is soon to come we progress to inactivity? The Mystical Smart Phone How do the new uses on the Internet make
people lazier? Citations: 1. http://www.livestrong.com/article/384722-how-much-have-obesity-rates-risen-since-1950/

2. http://factfive.com/2012/07/17/technology-that-makes-us-lazy/#.USZnGKXFVYw



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11.http://seekingalpha.com/article/195243-electricity-generation-and-consumption-point-to-u-s-industry-as-a-dimming-bulb-vs-china From the 1950's to the 1960's, 33% of
americans were overweight, with 9.7%
clinically obese. By 2001, 30.5% of americans were
clinically obese, and 4.7% were
severely obese. Food delivery services- pizza delivery and other such establishments have progressively made people more lazy by allowing them not to get up to get their food. It also lowers people's social interaction. Transportation: How does new transportation make us lazier? The PS4 and Xbox 720 are preparing to release this year 2013
The Cadillac Super Cruise has semi-autonomous intelligence and can nearly drive itself
Alice Receptionists allow you to video chat with an actual employee when you walk in During our day and age we walk around with computers in our pockets. Phone producers have created these phones to make our lives easier. To help us in many ways, but have we/they taken it too far? Social Isolation As of today the Internet has made our generation the laziest generation on Earth. Phones keep a person away from more important things in life. When a person pulls out their smart phone, they are completely removed from life outside the phone. Physical, social, and mental involvement are immediately taken away. Communication The smart phone has given the general people a perfect reason to not even talk face to face anymore. Google Have you ever wondered if google is making society lazier? Facebook
Skype These apps found on the iPhone all bring people further and further apart from one another. Instead of actually talking to one another, people communicate through these apps. They no longer need that face to face connection because they have these apps that make it so easy to communicate without interaction. Remembrance Online Gaming As the number of online schools increase so does the unemployment rate of teachers, all core classes are now available online Smart phones have created a laziness in our brain. Our brain no longer needs to work because the smart phone works for it. The Family Not only has the smart phone affected the people individual people in negative ways, it has also brought families part. “Structural equation models indicate that smart phone use over time (but not computer use) is associated with increases in negative forms of spillover (positive spillover is not significant) and is linked to increased distress and lower family satisfaction.” While consumers (in the United Kingdom) are keen to cut back on their expenditure, many are also feeling stressed and lacking in free time. These consumers continued to be willing to pay for 100% home delivery/takeaway. Work/life Relationship Yes google is making us lazier because it has changed the way that are brains remember information. Google has changed the way that we remember things because we have become to forget information that we can find on google. This has lead to us becoming lazier because we no longer feel the need to remember basic information that we can find online. Specifically to the adults, the smart phone has created a dangerous and lazy environment in a work space. Have you ever wondered how online gaming can negatively effect teens today? Those companies who decide to support their workers with smart phones bring this awkward work environment in two ways. Dangers "Companies place a large measure of trust and risk with each employee that has a smart phone. Even if the employee merely has access to previous texts, there could be information that could be harmful to the company." How is online gaming negatively effecting the teens of today's society? There are several ways a company can be endangered by giving their workers smart phones. 1. Losing a phone with company information and files
2. Data interception Data interception can be done by intercepting:
Smart phone persistent cookies Online gaming is negatively effecting teens today because they get addicted to the games that they are playing. Which leads to them getting very little exercise which is bad for their body. Workplace Smart phones have created a distracting workplace for those who are given smartphones. They have created an awkward environment for those who use them as a company phone. "How Much Have Obesity Rates Risen Since 1950?" LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Feb. 2013.
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"Has Technology Made Us Lazy?" SBM. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Feb. 2013. At work, smart phones affect a worker in two ways:
The mental distraction
The easy communication to each other
Anxiety, has a message been missed? remote controllers People are addicted to their phones, and when workers at work they find their phones are extremely distracting. The easy communication between worker and boss can become awkward. Workers also can find that they feel anxious, thinking they have missed an important message from their smart phone. All of these affect every worker with a smart phone. Contacts Locations Passwords The smart phone takes time away from life, friends and family. Games, social networking, texting, internet, other such things bring us further and further away from our family. With these hand-held computers, there's no reason to even be with family. Names Phone Numbers Because of the smart phone, many fats/things are forgotten because of the "handiness" the smart phone gives. When your on your way to a friends house and you left your phone at home, how will you know the address if you don't have your phone? If you don't have your phone in an emergency, how are you going to contact family or friends if you don't have your contact. Lists "To-dos" New technology such as cars, bus's, trains, and planes have decreased the amount of effort it takes to get from place to place. However, they also have made people more obese and lazier. Remember, cars run on money and make you fat, but bikes run on fat and save you money. General Info Have new convenience made us super lazy? Have new convenience made us super lazy? Most electricity is produced by non-renewable materials
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