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9/11 Conspiracy Theory

No description

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

9/11 Conspiracy Theory
Media Assumptions
New York Times
wrote the next day that "nobody has come out and claimed responsibility".
We started a war with Iraq over assumptions and over half a million people have died because of it.
CIA and FBI had intelligence on the attack but chose not to communicate with each other because of tension.

NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) assumed to have been told to "stand down" because they could have shot down the second plane. The attacks were 18 minutes apart.
Can you find the Boeing 757?
September 11, 2001
Two Boeing 757 planes crashed into the North and South towers
Over 3,000 people died
Classified as the worst terrorist attack in history on US soil
Every bit of information the public receives is filtered through the government first.

Everybody knows that main stream media is exaggerated and unrealistic, but for some reason it is still believed to be real. This “fake reality” turns into actual reality, and pretty soon we are brainwashed by what the media and our government wants us to think.
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