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7C's Prezi: Other Space Stuff! (E7)

No description

Audrey Ritter

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of 7C's Prezi: Other Space Stuff! (E7)

What?? Asteroids are usually made of rock or metal.
Where?Space (orbits the sun and other planets).
Interesting fact: - Sometimes people calls the asteroids minor planets.
Information Sources:- (Asteroids)- world book

(Dania, Seema, Fatima Shiab, Suhaila)
Asteroid Belts
Galaxy Cluster
What?? A galaxy cluster is a collection of many galaxies. (page 92)

There are star clusters like Omega Centauri.

They are huge balls with hundreds of thousands of old stars.

Information Sources: Cosmic Book page about the Galaxy.

(Wadeema, Alanood Musabah)

What?? It is a small particles of ice.
Where? in the solar system( near from the sun).
Interesting facts: - comets are formed with the formation of planets.-Revolves around the sun regularly.
Information sources : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/comets.
7C's Prezi: Other Space Stuff! (E7)
what?? GALAXY a collection of many stars . pg 92
the stars like our own sun .
as well as huge clouds of gas .
hew stars are constantly being born.
a galaxy come in a variety of shapes.
the sizes and often have violeut centre.

Information Sources: Cosmic Book, page about Galaxies

(Wadeema, Alanood Musabah)
a group of stars that looks like
picture .
it is in space .
there is constellation called
the plough and there is one called leo the lion .
science student book page 90-91 , science library space page 8-9 .
hala , meera , shika
What?? A planet is a huge thing in the space that sometimes it comes in groups and turns around the sun.
Where?? Planet are in the space all around,it has orbit around the sun (star)
Interesting fact!! The planets can be born during the years
sources : Science book 3 page 68
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