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don't care high

No description

patrick nietes

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of don't care high

don't care high
event 1
Paul move to New York from Saskatchewan. When he start school, Don Carey High School, it seems that nobody care about anything or everything
event 2
Paul find a new friend, Sheldon, Feldstein but he only think about lockers and later on Paul got one, and the boys basketball team is on for tryouts but no one seem to care
event 3
Sheldon ask Paul to nominate his self in student body president but Paul said no, because he doesn't know anybody except Sheldon and feldstein and he don't really want to and Paul stared in shock when he see a bizarre character in the school, he was a medium height was slicked back hair and his beady black eyes, Mike Otis, and later they nominate him as the school body president even do mike doesn't know it cause Paul and Sheldon know that if they ask him he will said no; but mike is the only nominate in the president seat so Paul know that he is gonna win it
when the last hour of the week comes, photography class, Mike come to the room, they think he is a senior be he is not.When Monday come and the announcement is on, "the new school president is Mike Otis", its not surprising cause he is the only nominee but its surprising for the school staffs and teachers because in years of there teaching career he is the first person to be in body president
event 4
when the weekend comes Sheldon and Paul find Mike address and phone number to know him better when they try to call Mike nothing is answering, when they try to go to Mike house with his address the guy said that it is only ten-storey building Paul and Sheldon got shocked cause it says that they leave in the eleventh floor and when they ask if they know any Otis family the guy says that "there ain't no Otis family", Sheldon thinks that they move that's why they ask the forwarding address. When they got to Paul home, Paul noticed the confidential files and study it and he noticed the address where Mike got born and it says Finch,Oklahoma, Paul was not surprise.
event 5
all the teachers give up for meeting mike, later on the principal says that there will be a renovation people think that its Mike plan but its actually Paul and Sheldon plan but they don't care so they just give the credits to mike for each and every improvement made in the school during the past few weeks Sheldon and Paul and mike an idea so people think that he do something at school, newspaper said Sheldon, Paul says that it cost money but there is a printer that no one used and they used it, they called it the otis report

event 6
ending, event 15
The next day Mike is gone everyone become sad but that is the day that slim kroy retired his tuba, Daphne her first and last jilting, Wayne o ran up the largest single outfit dry cleaning bill in his family collection, peter gave up sticks for the second and etc. Sheldon ask if Paul wanna be school body president someday
event 14
next day the new spread like a wildfire, Mike would be leaving on the weekend to relocate in the town of Astragal, Indiana. A quick trip to library confirmed what Paul had immediately suspected but there was none it was realistic as the finch, Oklahoma, but Paul want to know where is Mike but instead he back away and give him his own privacy, every one is sad when they found out. every student
event 13
The next day Paul was up before dawn. to converting himself to a mike Otis he need to be quite first he doesn't wanna wake up everybody else, he shuffled into the shower repeating Sheldon chant under his breath, he slick his hair back hew wear what mike wears, when hes mother appeared and his father everyone shock to what hes wearing cause he doesn't look like him, hes mother got mad at mike cause he influence Paul not in a good way but Paul explain it and he got away, Paul look at the school and he saw everyone look like mike, when all the teachers come every one got shocked to what they look all like and later on Mr. Gamble got enough of it and he just send the kids back home and make mike a president again,when Mike come to school everyone become happy and that day is just perfect, when Paul got home, some knock at the door and its Mike, they start talking and when Mike say what he really wanna say is that "I'm Moving"
event 12
event 7
event 8
event 9
event 10
event 11
Sheldon and Paul presented the sewer system to Mike it took two of them to carry the system, they follow Mike to the parking lot and later Mike stop and said I don't think its a good day today, paul blurted you cant leave cause your project is here, Mike ask if he will do anything Sheldon said nothing at all and later Mike give hes project to hes science teacher and hes teacher surprise cause there's nothing like this in years so hes teacher enter the sewer system to the science fair and next week the basketball team for girls is in tryout sheldon ask that someone need to tryout to support mike and later next day the coach make a team and a support team too when someone got hurt everyone is suprised
when laguna heard that don Carey put a team and was going to dare to bring it over in Thursday, Laguna student council sent a cruel message, when all the student is in an outrage the night when the game is on all the students of don Carey high go to the Laguna gym, stuffs of Laguna high call them monster and wild animals the score is 13 - 1 laguna was winning and the don't care is loosing their purpose to in here cause mike is not yet arrived and in the first quarter the score is 28-12 laguna is leading the way and then Paul saw mike in the parking lot Sheldon waste no time and get mike out of hes car and when the students of don Carey high saw mike there is a roar so loud that the laguna staff wondered that id the structure was strong enough to handle the vibration Paul convinced mike to wave hes hand and the crowd went crazy final the order was restored and later the final score is 63-63, don Carey there was a dead silence and later all the don Carey students went bezerk, when paul come home her mom is worried and ask paul where he is when he said that they are supporting the basketball team and when her mom found out that he is in the laguna high school which just reportedly that there is chaos in there. Next day laguna high school gym is not standing anymore thats why all the money of don carey is give to laguna .
when the announcements come that they still accepting to the nominations in school body president, students think that they replacing mike, which is true because of all the trouble he did, in every class they say that they support mike, all the teachers is tired of hearing it again and again, later next day Paul and Sheldon saw a guy wearing a pin they ask him why is he wearing and the guy said that it shows how he support mike symbolized and that just gave them and idea in lunchroom Sheldon announce that they need to wear a safety pin to show how we support mike, later next day every student in the school is wearing different kinds of safety pin and later on Sheldon has and idea to make posters in all of the school big, small posters but there's one things they have in common that it shows how they adore and respect mike, when the principal saw it he take it of by the weekend, in Monday lunch hour Sheldon announced that by the next day morning before every teacher is not in the school all of you should be in here looking like Mike, paul think the plan is ridiculous but sheldon know that all the students is gonna do it.
next day they ask feldstein if they can get a locker near is the printer and they got it , they skipped class so no one can see them , they got to the printer and they printed hundreds of the Otis report and in the lunch hour they pass it to everyone when they ask mike if he see the Otis report and later says that theres a lot things i don't know about this school, mike and Sheldon is excited for next week to do another Otis report.
by the next day everyone is great and happy until the announcement is announced in the end of the announcement it says that mike will be no longer the body president everyone is shocked specially Sheldon and Paul , everyone is mad cause he make and care about this school when they ask the principal why mike got out he said that he cause a lot of trouble and one kid interrupt that he read the school news paper the principal shocked cause he would not think that someone would read it especially the don't care students.
when Paul heard that Mike is failing science class and the only thing to do to not to fail this class and still be a great students they ask all the students to help mike do a sewer system just not to fail the class and pass the class
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