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China-Animals,Wildlife and Nature.

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Noah Sapsford

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of China-Animals,Wildlife and Nature.

China-Animals,Wildlife and Nature
There are 2 types of panda a giant panda and a red panda. Panda's habitat is a bamboo forest because bamboo is the Panda's main source of food. A Panda is China's most known animal and by far one of the cutest.
Chinese Tiger
A tiger in the wild is extremely rare to spot as there are only a few remaining in the wild. It normally camouflages itself in the long tall grass as it blends in with its orange and black striped fur.
People have recorded that in China there are more than 4400 vertebrate roaming around the landscape of the fourth biggest country in the world China.
China is home to many wonderful creatures therefore its needs many different habitats such as meadow, swamp, river/lakes and forests.
A Pangolin is an animal very similar to an armadillo except from that a Pangolin is much longer.
Chinese animals roam around the colossal country passing through many different places such as desert, forest, jungle and may even cross a river or a lake.
Wild Animals
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