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Rules and Guidelines--Tuesday

No description

Stephen Briseno

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Rules and Guidelines--Tuesday

Welcome to Mrs. Briseno's
I. E. Class Rules and guidelines
1. Be nice.
2. Be prepared.
3. Work hard. 1. Be Nice.
Give every person the
respect they deserve. 2. Be prepared.
Be in class, be seated,
and have everything you need
for the day before class begins. 3.Work Hard
Follow instructions the first
GIVE YOUR ALL with every
assignment and activity. Classroom Expectations Procedures Entering and Exiting the classroom:
1.Walk in quietly after shaking Mrs. Briseno’s hand.
2.Take your seat.
3.Immediately begin reading your
free-choice novel/completing the warm-up. When it's time to leave:
4.Gather all materials—nothing should be left behind.
5.Pick up any mess around your desk.
6.Stay seated and wait for Mrs. Briseño to release you.
7. Put your folder on the back table. Procedures While Mrs. Briseño is teaching/giving instruction:
1.Give your full attention.
2.Be actively involved and participate.
3. Do not speak while Mr. Briseño is talking. While working in groups:
1.Get into assigned group quickly and quietly.
2.Work diligently on the assignment.
3.Focus on your group only.
You must bring the following to class everyday:
1. Your binder.
2. Your planner.
3. Your library book.
4. A pen or pencil. 1. Open your folder.
2. Complete the FIRST DAY QUIZ
and the "Get to Know You" Survey.
3. Wait quietly. 1. You may engage in any behavior
that does not affect the safety or
learning of yourself and others.
Unkind words will not be tolerated. 2. I teach when there are no
distractions or other problems. 3. I listen to students who
raise their hands. 4. I listen to one person
at a time. 5. If someone causes a problem,
I will ask them to fix it. 6. If they can't or will not fix it,
I will fix it for them. 7. What I do will depend on what
happened and what the person
is willing to do to solve the problem. Procedures Interview Partners Find the person
with the same letter. Procedures Continued... While Mrs. Briseno is teaching: 1. Listen intently.
2. Interruptions are not welcome.
3. If you have a question, raise your hand. Turning in Work:
1. Make sure your heading
is on the assignment.
2. Pass it to the left. Working in Groups:
1. Speak in ENGLISH ONLY!
2. Work on the task at hand.
3. Everyone participates.
4. Music on=talking
Music off=Eyes on me Writing Assignment: Writing Your Heading:
Your Name
Class Period (I.E. 1-2)
Date (Day/Month/Year)
Mrs. Briseno ANGRY! Write a 100 word
essay telling me about
the last time you were
angry! Thursday, Sept. 8th Warm Up:
Follow the directions on the journal page in your folder.

When you finish, read
your novel.
journal warm up
set up activity partners
share journal w/partner
whole class share
pesent survey or interview
read story with same partner (read and say)
HW: 2nd draft reading?

Warm up--questions
Partner Interview?
Jacket--simile lesson
Jacket--narrative frame
Hw: finish narrative frame

K-finish procedure notes
levels of experience/hands
Coat of Arms Procedures, Continued... Asking permission to use the restroom:
1. Use the restroom during passing period.
2. If it is an emergency, please ask politely.
3. If you must go in the middle of instruction, please wait until you have the teacher's attention. Free-Reading Time:
1. You must have a novel
with you at all times.
2. Reading ONLY during this time. When an adult enters the room:
1. Quietly continue working on your
assignment. It is not an invitation to
start talking.
2. Show respect to the adults by
saving questions or comments for later. If you forgot something in your locker:
1. TOO BAD! Rule #2 is be prepared. During a quiz/test/timed writing:
1. Do not talk, whisper, or communicate
to those around you.
2. Failure to do so will have consequences. When there is a fire alarm:
1. Stay calm and quiet.
2. Get in a straight line.
3. Follow the teacher. Read and Say
Something Get with your Spongebob partner! What Do We Do When
We're Done Reading?

Work QUIETLY on your
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