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IBM Digital Influence Program

No description

Maham Kamran

on 22 June 2016

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Transcript of IBM Digital Influence Program

Digital Influence Program
Digital influence is the ability to create an effect, change opinions and behaviors, and drive measurable outcomes online.

Where is IBM now?
Where they want to be?
How do they get there?
Where to next?
from Naivete to wisdom
The way forward
This is the story of
journey from

ibm's online visibility was unsatisfactory...
Rational Software Confrence
Activities called off
Money Constraints
August 2009
The Digital Influence program greatly increased their reach and visibility
Lotus rate of increase was 1,933%
IM 421.8%
In July 2009, after studying existing marketing plans, Bajaj instructed her team to shutdown all ad hoc sites created by IBM team.
"I'd rather have no Facebook than have five people following me"
In Sept 2009 a team discussion took place to conceptualize an integrated plan for social media
Two main Objectives were envisioned for the initiative
Understanding brand perception of IBM's five software brands among the target audience
Creation and visibility of technical evangelists
Ogilvy and Mather hired
Feb 2009
Rethinking social media strategy in a well defined timeline
Oct 2010
O&M completed first assessment
Dec 2010
IBM ready with social media aggregator that aimed to aggregate the entire brand and create an integrated view of all conversations.
Social Media campaign designed with the help of senior management and technical evangelists
A goal-setting exercise yielded the following objectives:
To build communities around the IBM software brand,
To establish expertise,
To increase mind share of individual software brands and to influence purchase decisions
IBM established relationships with key social media influencers, both internal and external, who wrote posts, hosted blogs and attracted a major following in cyber space, by short-listing them for writing blogs, organizing blogger boot camps and disseminating information.
Listening Exercise
Key Steps
Technical experts for individual software brands who could both write their own blogs and follow other blogs were identified and recruited from IBM’s labs
Delegation/ Assignment
Under each brand, IBM created specific areas on which posts could be written.
This listening exercise helped IBM learn what was being said about the company in the media.
O&M to analyze 80 keywords with respect to IBM’s products
The measurement parameter was the frequency of occurrence of the 80 keywords
12 different exercises were carried out from an overall brand perspective, including individual and competitive brands.
By September 2010, both O&M and IBM had a fair idea about the strengths and weaknesses of the brands.
The identification of these gaps helped IBM to decide on its future course of action for promoting products and their value
Insights from the exercise
Social media platforms were becoming upcoming important mediums
Strategies to writing a blog were different to other social medias
Sharing was the best possible strategy for gaining visibility in the social media space
IBM had to focus on all facets of social media
Criteria to write a
Be short and concise,
Cater to a wide audience spanning the globe
Unbiased and contemporary writing,
care needed to be exercised.
and on the outside IBM had external bloggers who were “in dialogue” about these technologies.
Inside out approach
On the inside, IBM had its own teams with technical expertise,
Ideation to Action
Run on Internal motivation
SMEs to generate conversation in spaces where IBM did not currently exist and to follow the subsequent dialogue.
+Motivating questions
+ Further Recruitment on advance criteria
- B2B bloggers
+ Radian 6 to measure performance of blogs.
- Blogfrences
- Awards
_ Competitions
In 2011, the focus of the recruitment process for SMEs
shifted to selecting people who were passionate
about social media, considered it a vehicle for change and were
keen to become the face for the IBM brand
IBM wanted the team members of the Digital Influence project to consider online blogging as something internal and not external.
+ Mental switch
+ Daily Post---> more engagement
+ Association of blogs with Twitter
+ Featuring Bloggers on website
By evaluating the results from activities IBM had it's Focus Shift from
Digital Influence
Monitoring Performance
250 blogs were written in six months by 25 IBM employees
voice in the digital space went from 0-14% without any advertising
Investment in the project represented 10-12% of the company’s overall brand marketing budget for fiscal year 2010/2011
Membership across the channels increased 300%
Changing preferences
Change Of Strategy?
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