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Ethan Bales Sophmore book project

No description

Ethan Bales

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Ethan Bales Sophmore book project

Psalms 23 & 104 King David Written by 1000 B.C Basic info Book of Ruth Story Elements Setting - Characters - Ruth,Naomi Psalm 23 Is basicly just a lyric poem about God There are not any main chracters or story lines The Prodigal Son Written by Jesus Background info The story of the prodigal son is a parable ( to Compare ). Parables are used to illustrate abstract truths using similar things people can understand. knknkn Moab & Bethlehem old testament times Ruth lived in a time were being childless puts you at the bottom of the social scale. In the story you see her struggle with this conflict until one day God blessess her with a husband and a child. Basic Info The book of Psalms is a collection ofsongs and poems written to be used during worship in the temple. The word psalm is a greek word meaning to play the harp, because like most lyric poems the Psalms were ment to be sung. Most of the Psalms were written by King David in ancient Israel about 1000 B.C. Story Elements Overall there are 150 Psalms most written by King David. The Psalms are all different but all talk about how God influences people or events in the world. Psalms 23 deals with the relationship between God and an idividual, where Psalms 104 talks amout Gods connection to all nature. Setting- In the New Testament days, Chracters - The Prodigal Son & the Father. Summary The story is about a son who asks his father for his inheritance early thinking he can make it on his own in the world. Later in the story the prodigal son gets into trouble after spending all he has and a famine hits the land. He decides to go back to his father's house and hopes that he will take him back, but he finds out that the father had been waiting for him to come back ever since he left. Summary The story is about Ruth overcoming her struggles which is being a social out cast because she had yet to bear a child. But as the story goes on God blessess her with a husband and a child, and as it turns out Ruth is an ancestor to David the famous king of Israel. Theme The lesson Jesus wanted people to get from the story is that God will forgive you for sins and will take you back in the same as the father in the story did.
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