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random random random random

shannen goh

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Random

Randomness SOOOOOOOOOOOO........ watsup? i'm IN school right now on ZERO HOUR. GUYYYYSSS! LOL
okay. GUYYYSS!!~!what about GIRLSS!!!!??? lol. okay, GIIIIRLLLSS~! XD
lollolololoolol SOOOOOOOOOOO........... YEa..its..getting kinda..boring hahahahha..>.< OH. let me show u a picture of my favorite dog xD OMG! IS SO CUUUUUTE ok. let me start something...... start what? hmmmmmmm..idk, just..a title. i have one! what about relationships? XD well...who then? maybe....meredith and guil? ^O) yea, sure why not =D i'm bored anyways so ^^ so....what about them then?=) well..u know...they dont really match.........
u get what i mean? how though? well,u kno. guil is like a dog...following her and stuff.... dog huh...== can't imagine that. i mean, SERIOUSLY look at them. is like, not a relationship anymore.
is the relationship between dog and the OWNER!! wow, u sound really extreme..>.< can't believe she treats guil like that, it just pisses me off. yea i can't really..accept that too.. who the hell ORDER their boyfriend to do things, and also when they are NOT ur bf?!! uhm..*cough cough* sorry about that,. lol so yea, i dun think they are a good couple. i'm lonely - jiayun who is jiayun? idk, maybe shes...one of the students and stuff? yea, iAM one of the students. u guys having fun here?i just joined, i dont really know hwo to do this.
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