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No description

rohit kabade

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of E.S.D.

1.Digital Voltmeter
-Design of 4-digit numeric display circuit
-Design of 3 ½ digit DVM
-Study of IC 7107/7106.
2.Phase locked loop (PLL)
-Design of digital phase locked loops (cd 4046 & 565)
-It’s use in frequency synthesizer.
-frequency & phase demodulation.
-Amplitude modulation
-Dual Tone Multi Frequency Encoder (DTMF).
3.Audio & Video amplifiers
-Audio amplifier: audio op-amp applications mike pre-amplifier with tone control.
-study of LM 386 Video amplifier: Theory, voltage gain, cover code o/p voltage.
-wiring precautions.
-oscilloscope counter pre-amplifier.
-NE 592.
-filter applications.
-Fundamentals of IC timers.
-CMOS timer & 2240 Binary Programmable Timer/counter.
-use of timers for event or interval timing.
-pulse generation & shaping.
-design of frequency counter usingIC 74C926 for the time & event Counting.
5.Sensor Signal Conditioning
1) Temperature – RTD, Thermocouple, Semiconductor LM 35, AD549 and 1N4148
2) Strain gauge type transducers of 350 ohm/120 ohm bridge configuration
3) Variable capacitor transducer signal conditioning using Voltage to Time and Voltage to
Frequency conversion.
5.Sensor Signal Conditioning (Cont.)
4) V to I and I to V converters for std input and output Standard input output ranges – 0 to
2V (DVM), 0 to 5 V(Micro controller), 4 to 20 mA (Industrial)
5) Optical encoders
6.Switched mode power supply
-Introduction to SMPS.
-IC LM3524.
-Design of SMPS using LM 3521,Step up, Step down , Invert mode.
Electronics System Design
Mr.Rohit S.Kabade
6. Micro Controller Based Design
-Design of process controllers PID
-Standard bus interface design.
1. Design of 3 ½ digit DVM using TTL Ics.
2. Study of 7107/7106.
3. Design of frequency synthesizer using 565 PLL.
4. Design of frequency synthesizer using CD 4046 PLL.
5. Frequency measurement using 74C926
6. Interval measurement using 74c926.
7. Study of proportional controller.
8. Study of microcontroller based controller.
9. Study of LM3524 SMPS.
10. Study of audio & video amplifiers.
11. Study of PID Controller
12. Study & I to V & V to I converters.
List of Practicals
The. --
TW 25
OE 50
POE --
Total Marks: 75
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