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Essential Oils 101 - Health & Wellness

No description

Kelly Wallick

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of Essential Oils 101 - Health & Wellness

Essential Oils 101
Your lifestyle choices can help prevent disease.
Your doctor treats symptoms and fixes broken parts.
Your body cures disease.
Essential Oils
A little sample of what you can use every day!
Thyme - Effective Antiviral!
Protective Blend

Soothing Blend
Health & Wellness
Three ways to use:
2.Topical Application
Essential Oil Quality is CRITICAL!
Three ways to use:
1. Aromatic Diffusion
Apply directly to skin; bottom of feet, back of neck, wrist, ears, along spine

Mix in a carrier oil

Use in bath water
Extracts from plants; Natural aromatic compounds in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants.

Highly Concentrated
1 drop of peppermint essential oil
= 28 cups of peppermint tea

50 to 70x more powerful than herbs

Inhibit the growth of Bacteria & Viruses
What is an Essential oil:
Our products are not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of disease. Pregnant or lactating women and people with
known medical conditions should consult a
physician before using products.
PURE—Every batch GCMS tested, 100% natural, no artificial ingredients, fragrances, or fillers. Every batch, Every time!
SAFE—Highest quality sourcing, certified free of pesticides
POTENT—Standardized active compounds
Essential oils give your body
what it needs to heal itself.
Purify rooms and provides instant mood enhancement!
Drop in hands
Spray on a surface or nearby
Open & inhale from bottle
Frankincense – Inflammation & More
Peppermint - Cool & Invigorating!
Breathe in peppermint to fight

Apply to temples and back of the neck to calm

Reduce body temperature – Mix 1 drop per ounce of water in a spray bottle. Mist yourself & others. Also increase oxygen adsorption

It can also be massaged into
sore muscles

Avoid chemicals inside or outside your house –wipe or spray areas where you see ants coming in or spray around the foundation.

Lavender - All Things Calming
Heals all kinds of
– sun burns, too close to the campfire/grill buns, or even acid or chemical burns. Drop or mist lavender on to the area.

It helps with
- put on bottoms of feet or back or on a tissue in your pillow case.

First Aid
in a bottle - Insect bites, bee sting, cuts, scrapes, etc. place one drop then cover with a Band-Aid.

There are over 200 known compounds in it. That means a myriad of healing properties!
Lemon – Cleansing Inside & Out
What option best supports and empowers you and your family?
The Ultimate Rewards Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)
Use as a
First Aid solution

Apply directly to the skin or add Epsom salt, water and melalueca to a tub

Fungal Infections
– put it on topically or take internally or both.

Insect Bites
– apply topically

Irritated skin Conditions
– mix melalueca with lavender, Frankincense & coconut oil.
– use internally or topically

Reduces pimples,
cuts, wounds, scar tissue – use topically

Helps with
joint stiffness
– use internally & topically

Layer with Respiratory Blend as a Safe therapy to open
breathing pathways
. Layer on chest.

Reduces stress & Depression
– blend 3 drops of wild orange with 3 drops frankincense in the palms of you hands by rubbing the palms together. Apply to back of neck and forehead and breathe in.

Helps to relieve
– apply with lavender & peppermint. Use 1-2 drops of each with fractionated coconut oil.

Three ways to use:
3. Internal Use
In a capsule

Under the tongue

In water, honey, smoothies
– back aches, headaches, cramps, repetitive strain injuries. Apply directly to the area of concern.

Promotes stable
blood pressure

Not one for use on long trips – it can cause drowsiness when using it a lot.

Decreasing swelling
is one of marjoram's most important functions – swelling is actually what causes most of the pain you experience from cuts & bruises.

It can penetrate the nerves without causing extra heat sensations to the area.
Massage Lemongrass into sore and
cramping muscles
OR mix 3 drops lemongrass with 1 teaspoon Epsom salt and dissolve in warm foot bath. Soak 10 to 15 minutes.

Sprains and Strains
- Blend 2 drops lemongrass with 2 drops fractionated coconut oil and apply to affected area; wait 6 minutes before reapplying. A little will work faster than a lot, especially for pain.

Lymphatic Drainage – Mix 1 drop with 2 drops of fractionated coconut oil. Massage into lymph nodes.

Use to
reduce bad cholesterol
– add 3-5 drops to a veggie cap and take 1 twice a day.

Another choice for a
natural insecticide

Wild Orange

Clove oil is nature’s
most powerful anti-oxidant

germ free
on the go. Mix 3-5 drops of on-guard in an empty 15mL bottle, fill with water and add a spray top. Use on hands, public toilet seats,

Diffuse in air to
eliminate airborne pathogens
& germs

Use on the bottoms of your feet daily when you are in crowds to fights &
prevents colds
and illness. Put a throat drop in your mouth if you hear someone coughing near you.

Protective oral care
Everyone is choosing to use Essential Oils.
Here is why:

They are safe
Purely effective
Little to no Side effects
Cost effective
Natures gift to us
How to purchase:
1. Wholesale Member

2. Business Member

3. Retail Customer
Did you know you can earn rewards for being a member?
When you choose to become a WA (wholesale member) and take part in LRP, you can receive a free product every month and earn free product points EVERY SINGLE MONTH as well!
You can earn up to 30% back each month!
What Kit are you going to choose?
(10 single and blended oils, Plus Beadlets)
(10 single & blended oils, plus Tension Blend 2/3 more oil than in the FPK)
(Get every oil that doTERRA sells!)
(19 single & blended oils and 11 wellness products)
Add a couple of drops to your water to gradually
flush toxins
from your system.

Stale Air use it to make a
Room Freshener
– Mix 1-3 drops of Lemon Essential oil per ounce of water. Spray into the air.

Make your own
cleaning solutions
- eliminate toxic chemicals!
Melaleuca (tea tree oil)
Marjoram “A comfort oil”

IMPORTANT: Citrus oils can make you photosensitive and increase your chance of a sunburn. Most of us limit how much lemon, wild orange, lime, grapefruit and Slim & Sassy we drink if we are going to be outside all day. To be completely safe avoid the sun for 12 hours after applying the oil.
blue tansy
blue chamomile

Relieves joint & muscle

Rub on muscles before & after exercise

Use for Bruises,
Headaches & Sprain
Metabolic Blend
, Lemon ,
, and

Boosts your
, warms you up on the inside

Helps curb
between meals

Ginger and Peppermint calm the tummy
Cinnamon Bark - Mover & Shaker
both internally and when applied to skin

Helps maintains a
immune system
Promotes oral health

Helps alleviate
sore muscles
and joints

Flavor food - add to oatmeal, cookies, granola!

Put 2 drops in empty veggie capsule for

Place 1 drop of Cinnamon essential oil in hot water or tea
and drink slowly to
your throat.

Place one drop on your toothbrush then add toothpaste.

Clove Bud - Pain Relieving and Revitalizing

May help improve


Improve dental health - apply directly to toothaches for
pain -
has been shown to be equivalent to Benzocaine for numbing

foods and beverages - add one drop to your foods or desserts

Extremely high Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC) score

ORAC - how capable it is in destroying "free radicals" in our bodies...retards aging and prevents abnormal cells and other diseases.

Carrots = 436
Sandalwood Essential Oil = 1655
Beets = 1776
Rosemary Essential Oil = 3309
Blueberries = 4669
Cinnamon Bark = 103,448
Clove Oil = 10,786,875

Digestive Blend
Blend of
, Fennel,

and bring balance to
system - Useful for infants and adults!

Apply on bottom of feet or over abdomen with carrier oil

Add a few drops to a veggie cap or under the tongue - tastes like

Add a few drops to water and sip slowly

Rosemary - Sacred Oil
Ginger - Warmth & Comfort
Increases athletic
by increasing blood circulation

especially due to anesthesia

One of the first to travel the "spice route" from Asia to Europe!

May help reduce

Use to flavor savory and sweet foods

Black Pepper - Very effective
Warming oil! Dilute with Carrier oil and apply to
cold feet and hands
, or to
sore muscles
and stiff joints. Combine 2 drops with 1 drop Thyme in FCO!

Boosts the
digestive system

Stimulate appetite, for those recovering from illness or immune suppressing treatment

Helps reduce
nicotine cravings
Wild Orange - Burst of Flavor
Immune booster! Use for seasonal


Use in
skin cleansing products
like sugar scrubs!

Adds a burst of
to shakes. dips and green juices!
Oregano - Power in a bottle!
Widely used as a

Effective at killing

Use in homemade
cleaning solutions
to deep clean your home!

Add to a veggie cap with olive oil for an
immune system boost

Considered by
to be a sacred oil

Show to reduce
and relieve anxiety, diffuse or apply to feet

Add to shampoo to help
hair growth

Add to recipes for a wonderful flavor!

Apply to feet with a carrier oil at the first sign of a cold or flu, amazing

Add to cleaning solutions,
kills Strong viruses and bacteria
- more effective than peroxide!

Add to olive oil with red pepper flakes and grated cheese for a bread dip!
Calming Blend
Grounding Blend

Blend of

, and
Blue Tansy

Use as a massage blend, great for
sore muscles
, Use with Epsom salts for soothing bath!

Apply to bottom of feet before exercising, to help with

Effective for Attention issues!

Brings focus and attention to a
Roman Chamomile
Ylang ylang,

Hawiian Sandalwood

A perfect blend for winding down before
. Apply to bottoms of feet, diffuse in room or use in an Epsom Salt bath

Massage into feet for
Nervous issues
before bed, helps with restless feet and numbness
Breathe - Air In & Air Out
Blend of
Laurel Leaf
, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca,
and Revensara

Can help with asthma, colds, coughs and
sore throat

restful sleep
and relaxation

Use prior to
to help bring in more oxygen

Can be diffused, applied to the chest or back, and to the bottoms of your feet!
Martinez K, De Santiago L, Care S, et al. Antibacterial Effects of commercial essential oils on bacteria. J Nat Sci. 2012;1(1):1-3
Antibacterial properties of Oregano, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Clove, Melaleuca,
Eucalyptus, Wild Orange, and Lemon were tested against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Salmonella.

Synthetic- Perfumes and air freshners
Food-Grade- (GRAS) chewing gum, dressings
Therapeutic- Found at health food stores
Grades of Essential oils:
Oils Sourcing:
Indigenous- Where they have been grown for hundreds of years.
Climate, Altitude, soil content all affect the quality of the oil.
Time of Harvest- time of year and age of the plant.
Family Physicians Kit
Home Essentials Kit

Natural Solutions Kit

Every Oil Kit
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