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Advice to incoming 7th graders

No description

Lexie Friel

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Advice to incoming 7th graders

Welcome to your 1st year of Junior High, a place where it is as stressful (or as wonderful) as you create it to be.
If you follow these tips, the next 3 years of your life will be easier both socially and academically.
Tip #2
It is important to present yourself in a well-put together way!
with cologne.
(Sincerely, choking people everywhere)
Girls, be modest with your clothes. It sucks being dress-coded and having to wear sweats that probably don't match your outfit.

But just in general, be clean. Get some cute snazzy clothes and stuff. Not a lot of people want to associate with someone who doesn't take care of themselves very well.
It might seem more efficient to leave it open so you can easily trade out binders after each class, but it
to have belongings stolen.

It willl save your:
Tip #1
Don't fall for peer pressure.
Presentation by: Lexie Friel
Advice to incoming 7th graders
Your friends might offer you something that's totally "dope" but yet, it might be something that makes you super uncomfortable. That's why the word "no" exists. Use it. They might call you a loser for it, but at least you know who not to chill with. Its better to be called a loser than to be involved in bad things.
Find friends with the same values as you so you won't be stuck in that kind of situation.

Above: Entrance to Hillside Junior High

Below: Our school mascot, the ram!
Sharkeisha, no!
Present yourself in a neat/clean way!
Don't leave your locker unlocked!
Tip #4
Be respectful to teachers!
Not being liked by teachers will decrease their likeliness/willingness to help you when you need it, and will create more stress than there is supposed to.
Tip #5
Stay organized!
Being organized will help you locate your assignments easier so they can be turned in on time, or so they won't be able to lose.

Tip #3
Tip #7
Stay positive!
A positive attitude will help you gain friends easier and will help teachers to like you!
Tip #8
This is probably the #1 most important tip!

It is extremely stressful to write essays/create projects the night before! Use time management and get them done at a reasonable time! Teachers may not always give you extra time to complete assignments.
Tip #9
Make sure you have
missing assignments!
It is easier to get them done sooner, than to take home multiple missing assignments to completed all in one night.
Be sure to have fun!

Hopefully you follow these tips and will have a successful 3 years at this amazing school.

Good luck!
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