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Basic City: The #1 Utopian Society

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Beth Eanes

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Basic City: The #1 Utopian Society

Economics, Work, & Leisure
How will production and distribution be organized in your utopia?
Economics, Work, & Leisure (continued...)
Will your utopia be based on private property? Common Ownership? Or a combination of the two?
Gender Roles & Differences
Goals & Values
What will be the goals and values of your utopia?
What will be the characteristics of its population?
Name & Scope
What is the name of your society?
Basic City: The #1 Utopian Society
Power and Politics
What form of social and political organization will your utopia have?
Children & Education
What rights will children have?
Will the roles of women and men vary in your utopia?
The name of our society is Basic City.
What type of community is it?
The community of basic city is rural.
Will individuals choose their own goals and values, or will their goals and values be those of your utopian ideology?
Will it be based on political authority, with some giving orders and others obeying them in a vertical, hierarchical structure, as at present, or will it based on voluntary cooperation in a horizontal, non-coercive structure?
Will your decision-making process(es) be?
Will it be open to all, or will you select its members?
What will be the rights and duties of the members of your utopia?
Will there be social stratification in your utopia?
If there will be social stratification, what roles would different classes of individuals play?
Will restrictions be placed on children's activities?
How will children be educated?
How will work be compensated?
How will be people determine what jobs they do?
Who will do economic planning?
How many hours per day will your utopians work?
Will the standard of living in your utopian be poverty level, middle class, or upper class?
Will the nuclear family be retained?
Will alternative relationships be prohibited, discouraged, tolerated, or encouraged?
Science & Technology
Will your utopia encourage scientific-medical research?
Will technological development be encouraged?
Will your utopia abandon any technologies?
What will be the energy sources to drive your utopia?
Will there be a division between religion and other social political institutions in your utopia?
Will your utopia have a single religion? No religion? Many religions?
Will your utopia have rituals and celebrations?
The Arts
What will be the role in your arts and crafts?
Will your utopia encourage participation in the arts?
Will professional artists pursue their creative efforts full time, with the rest of the community supporting them?
Will there be any censorship of art in your utopia?
The Media
What types of media will exist in your utopia?
Who will control the media?
Will there be any censorship of the media?
Will intellectual property be recognized in your utopia?
The Physical
What will be the architecture of your utopia? What materials and techniques will be used in building construction?
What will be the underlying philosophical or ecological reasons for the use of these materials and techniques?
Will your utopia have high population density or low population density?
What kind(s) of transportation will it use? will any kinds of transportation be encouraged or discouraged?
The Physical (continued...)
How will your utopia deal with sewage and other waste products?
Will your utopia have private, self-contained dwellings? Or will it have private, but non-self contained individual living spaces?
Will your utopia have private or communal dining facilities, or a combination of the two?
Health & Medicine
Will your utopia use Western medicine?
Will it utilize alternative approaches?
Will everyone have equal access to medical treatment?
How will your utopia deal with mental illness?
Antisocial Behavior & Conflict Resolution
How will your utopia deal with those who harm to themselves and/or others?
How will it deal with conflicts between individuals?
Will your utopia have some kind of defense or police force?
If so, will it be conventional one?
If not a conventional army, how will your defense force be organized?
The goals of our utopia is to be the best overall and be better than our current sociaety.
Our individuals will have their own goals and values.
Our government will have a combination of a monarchy & everything else.
Political authority as well as voluntary
The king and queen will come up with the decisions, then it will go through the branches, and in most cases, the people will vote.
The race of our population is diverse, as well as the ages. Our utopia is consisted of middle &upper class.
Everybody is welcome as long as they abide by our rules and meet the standards of middle/upper class.
The rights include to be free, express yourself, speak when spoken to. The duties include, paying taxes, showing to court etc.
Male & female citizens are treated the same.
Women and men can play the same roles.
18 and older- you will be considered an adult.
17 & younger, you will be considered a child.
Children will have a curfew, as they get older, the curfew will be extended.
The education will be based on your level of learning. There will a test at the end of each school year that determines which grade you will be in next. The grade levels are 1st through 12th.
Our system will be the same as the United States, except things will be delivered by air instead of cars.
Work will be compensated the same way the United States does things.
The people can choose whatever job they desire.
The treasurer will do the planning.
We will have a combination of the two in our utopia
Our utopians will work whatever the company suggests, to a certain extent.
Middle Class: $100,000 +
Upper Class: $500,00 +
Everybody will be treated equally (exception of kids)
Only in certain areas of our utopia
It depends on where your location is. Different locations/areas will have different situations.
Our utopia will encourage scientific-medical research.
Technological development will be encouraged.
Our utopia will abandon any unnecessary technologies.
Our utopia's energy source will be solar energy.
No, we encourage the people to be free and express themselves.
Our utopia believes in having polytheistic religions.
That is all up to the religion.
Art can represent anything in our utopia. It plays an important role.
The utopia will encourage participation in the arts.
Professional artists do not have to work full time, they need to have a break from trying to be the best all the time.
No art will be censored.
News, newspapers, projections, TV, internet.
The government will control the media.
Only certain websites.
Intellectual property will be regulated; plagarism will be illegal.
Our architecture will be similar to Rome's, we will pay workers to design it.
We like to use ecological because its better for the enviorment.
Medium population density
We will have hover cars with natural gas.
We will have designated areas for sewage, and we will have dissolvable products that are good for the enviorment.
We will have private, self contained houses.
We will have a combination of the two.
Yes and No. It depends
Everyone will have equal access, but they will have to be able to pay for it.
Branch C will be for the mentally ill, their families are capable of living there with them. There will be people with jobs to take care of the ill.
They will be sent to prison or executed for harming others.
There will be therapists.
Yes, it will be. We will have police and a military, similar to the United States.
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