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2.08 Comparative History: Eastern & Western

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mallory cook

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of 2.08 Comparative History: Eastern & Western

Courage for standing up for what you believe in
The chivalry of Europe and Bushido of Japan both emphasized courage in battle
What are the main elements of Japanese Bushido?
The main elements for Japanese Bushido are loyalty to shogun or daimyo, education, courage in battle, kindness and to support the arts.
Which of the elements of Bushido and chivalry would work well for a code of chivalry in today's world? Explain.
In my opinion, I think that having courage in battle, education and kindness are the best elements. Education is really important for the fact that it can expand the knowledge of society in different topics that are important so we can all at least try to stay controlled and civilized. Kindness is also a good element because the world is filled with hatred and fighting. Random acts of kindness are really be appreciated and I honestly believe make the world a better place just a little bit a a time. Last but not least, courage in battle is very important. With all the fighting and chaos we need fearless soldiers defending us.
Part 1
2.08 Comparative History: Eastern & Western
What are the main elements of European chivalry?
European chivalry had many elements, but the ones listed are the main elements. Such as defending their church, loyalty to their lord and having courage when in battle.
Part 2
Education was influenced by the Bushido of Japan
Education is very important now a days because it makes it that much more easier for someone to find a job.
The Bushido of Japan emphasized kindness
Being kind is important because it makes us feel good while contributing to our own happiness. Also, when being kind people will acknowledge that you're nice and will more than likely be nice back.
Having courage is helpful because more and more people are becoming afraid to be themselves or just state what they believe in. Another good example is, having courage to stand up for what you believe in gives people the impression that you're a leader and not a follower which is always a good value one should possess.
The chivalry of Europe emphasized generosity to the feeble
Generosity is an important factor because without it people wouldn't know how to share with one another, but with generosity we could learn to take care of each other and we'd make this world a happier place.
Support The Art
By supporting the arts and showing off your art, you're giving people a chance to see what you're really made of and what you can do. It' s a simple concept that can bring many people together.
The Bushido of Japan emphasized supporting the arts
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